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    Fuck DL.

    I love this response from Crews:

    "That's different than slapping the shit outa him," Hughley fired back.

    "So sir...if you truly feel that is a correct way to deal with toxic behavior...should I slap the shit out you?" Crews asked Hughley in response.
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    It's so awesome she used the time on the show to talk about that.
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    Damn. That wasn't so hard, huh? Why can't everyone do that?
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    what the fuck
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  12. Jesus Christ why even bring that up
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    legit psycho. did he think his statement was supposed to be noble??? i don't get why he would need to say that.
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    It would be better to slip that out to a therapist and not during an interview for your latest film.
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    that is a pretty incredible headline
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    Rotten Apples
    Pretty cool site if you’re having trouble keeping track of how fucked everything is
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    That site lists Ben Affleck for Suicide Squad but not Jared Leto. It’s a good thing you can submit info.
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    I know it doesn’t really mean that they are perfect or something, but every one of the handful I threw in off the top of my head came up fresh apples and was a relief. I did just check The Sopranos and learned about the Matthew Weiner thing which sucks.
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    So does this mean 7 million flagged this movie because Spacey is in it?

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    I checked American Horror Story and it’s fresh apples but the background picture is red so it still looks sketchy. Definitely scared me for a second.