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    regardless of age, pulling your dick out as a joke is a very weird joke
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    I’ve always loved Crews.
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    copy pasting from comedy thread because i’m real annoyed

    reading a piece about Louis’ set last night, and can we ban this man from existing please? one of his quoted bits:

    the source, with a fucking absurd headline
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    it’s even better when every local media outlet was making sure to mention it was “SOLD OUT”
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    To copy my response:
    This, in a nutshell, just goes to show how many fucking idiots defending CK miss the point. Gross, offensive, tasteless humor is absolutely okay in comedy. Bits about assholes or your kids sucking or killing your dad are okay. No one wants to stop that. People dying in car accidents, sure. Joke about it. Fuck, joke about school shootings as a thing that happens.

    When it becomes punching down and the equivalent of an alt right dickhead's twitter feed, that's where the line is drawn. Targeting and attacking marginalized people or specific victims of an atrocity for the lone purpose of attacking or targeting them is the problem, not joking about controversial things.
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    Posted in the wrong thread:

    Aren’t most/all Funny Bones in malls? I think that’s their thing. Still a shame that he sold it out no matter how much he’s fallen to be there. And yeah that headline is really bad.
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    That writer of that piece is just horrible. Like, why is it so hard for so many people to understand that, even in cases where "redemption" or "a way back" is possible (and I'm not saying it is in Louis' case, just as a general hypothetical), a 100000000% necessary precondition to anything resembling redemption is actual contrition and remorse. Louis, especially, has show literally none of that. People really can't see how soaked in male privilege so many of these "redemption" narratives are, like reintegration into the communities they so disrespected and damaged is something they deserve or are owed, not something that needs to be earned. We see the same thing when the "redemption" talk gets thrown around in relation to abusive musicians as well.

    It's insanity that the starting position for so many people seems to be "every single abuser should pre se be allowed to come back and resume their lives as normal without having to actually make amends or even feel bad about what they did."

    Louis and all his enablers are scum.
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    Good news! If you have daughters nothing negatively can be said about you, no matter how horrible your actions are. 1 daughter is a free pass to do or say any reprehensible thing you could ever imagine.
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    And I do feel bad for his daughters, being a teenage girl is hard enough without everyone knowing your dad is a creep, but I don't feel bad for him
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    For Janeane’s information, I think about his daughters every time his name comes up. I feel so horrible for them.
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  14. Uh, better question: why doesn't Louis think of his daughters.
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    Yeah I truly feel for his daughters, it must be incredibly difficult and shitty to have to go through life trying to avoid predators that do the same actions that the man who raised you did to others.
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  16. Martina Jan 11, 2019
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    Well some google searches show his two daughers are both minors (if I do the math right, Kitty Szekely is 17 and Mary Louise Szekey is 14) and he shares joint custody of them with his wife, who he's divorced. He is seen with his daughters frequently in public and Janeane refered to him getting shouts and harassment on the street for his comeback.

    He's harassed many female collegues and has been deeply offensive in his performances, especially recently, as everyone knows. But he's also tied closely and publically to his daughters, both of whom are in their mid-teens. I don't know if his daughters have personally experienced harassment or threats in person or online but I think is reasonable to assume they are or are concerned about that happening.

    I know it's easier for people who just want to call him to do so on hip podcasts and related media like Janeane was on when she made the statements that are being quoted. It's a lot easier and cheaper for a lot of people to do that than, for example, organizing a focused boycott to get businesses to change how they work with him, and maybe change both them (and him) in ways that he (and they) obviously aren't changing positivly on their own.

    I think it would be better to target Louis CK and his business enablers by boycotts, publicize and or at least call out the businesses helping him like booking agencies, venues, and more. I'd like think that people who are activists or professionals in the entertainment industry would know that -- at least call them out, if you don't want to go so far as a boycott -- but I have to say I've often seen similar tactics used against a lot of other artists with no mention of obvious enablers and profiteers who are needed for the artist to continue on with business as usual (you can see many of my previous posts for examples).

    It doesn't take much more to call for a boycott against his enablers than it does to make a snarky remark against CK, but boycotts also might alienate some business interests, especially booking agencies and venues that people in the music and entertainment industry wouldn't want to alienate because they work with them more than they ever would work with CK anyway, which may also be why some just simply call out CK.

    But aside from that, the more unfocused negative comments (kind of like "cheap shots") are just personally directed at him, the more likely for people who are close to him like his 14 and 17-year-old daughters who have no influence over his misconduct or his career choices will get harassed too. Besides being unfair to them, that may make it even more likely for Louis CK to act out abusively.
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    Yeah no, he's a huge piece of shit who just keeps continuing to act like a huge piece of shit. People should absolutely continue to call him out on it. This entire situation is probably very difficult for his daughters, which is just one of the things HE should have thought of before doing the awful things he did. The fact that his daughters are having a hard time is not somehow on the people who are calling him out now, it is on him. And only him. The fact that he has female children is not some kind of magic get-out-of-jail-free card. I agree that boycotting him and hitting his business / finances is a much more effective and overall better tactic, but I am not going to begrudge anyone screaming at him in public either.

    Fuck him. Fuck his enablers. This type of reaction just perpetuates the fucked up system that allowed him to treat people this way in the first place and get away with it with almost zero repercussions.
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    It is such a weird thing to me that he is even a celebrity at all. He made $14.5 million this year despite the fallout from the suicide video thing.
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    I thought we left the Paul brothers in 2017
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    Go awayyyyy.

    This reminds me of that one time I got into an argument on FB with some (not very close) friends about Milo Whatshisface speaking at Berkeley and I tried to convince them it wasn't about freedom of speech but about not giving assholes a platform to validate other assholes. And obviously that conversation went nowhere. Ughhh.
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    Everyone stop picking on Louis CK!!! Janeane Garofolo says he has daughters and its not fair!!!
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