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    How clueless.
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    He’s always struck me as someone who leans way too hard on every single toxic masculinity trope because he’s short and feels like that says something about him so he needs to overcompensate. It would be sad if he wasn’t so totally obnoxious all the time.
  3. lmao
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    Hot takes:

    Lena Dunham has always sucked and is one of the most annoying shittiest celebrities ever. Probably shitty of me to say, but always shocked me Jack ended up with her, and it didn’t shock me they split.

    Kevin Hart, not funny asshole.
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    I don’t think either of these are particularly hot. Most people hate Lena Dunham, although not always for fair reasons. I just hate that she uses this huge platform to constantly say awful gross nonsense and despite having massive backlash still gets major projects.
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    Totally meant hot in jest, agreed though.
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    lol wait... all of this Kevin hart shit is because he had pages and pages of homophobic tweets? How hard is it to just fucking apologize? What fucking world do we live in?
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    Hard to apologize when your opinion hasn’t actually changed.
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    Has to be one of the worst non-apologies ever.

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    I mean jack was with her for a reason. Unless it was an abusive situation he either co-signed her behavior or didn't care which doesn't reflect great on him either.
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    That Jason Momoa stuff almost seems in jest? I could be reading it wrong for sure
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    They were joking about it in round tables earlier this year. Reading it in writing came across different than the video clip I saw a few weeks? months? ago where they were laughing about it and Jason was calling himself "annoying" and that it was a prank and then bought her the book again or something like that. I think it was on IGN? I remember seeing something about that, or maybe I'm misremembering what I saw. Reading her Twitter feed doesn't make me think there's any bad blood between them -- they seem super friendly.
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    Remember that time Jason said the best part of filming game of thrones were the scenes raping beautiful women? Spawned this iconic gif

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    I don't think he meant anything wrong but it just seemed like a violation of her space, mostly just thinking how I'd want to murder someone who did that to me haha
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    She's pretty much just as bad as Trump in terms of constantly saying face-palmy racist garbage.
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    Did people forget about Lena Dunham basically molesting her younger sister, and then outing that same sister without her approval years later
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    I hate when people only care about stuff like this or Jimmy Kimmel doing blackface when it's like so much for the tolerant left so dumb