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Accidental Music Podcast (Encore Episode 154) Podcast

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 22, 2017.

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    On this week’s episode of Encore I am joined by special guest Deanna Chapman. Deanna returns to the show to discuss music and technology. We talk about Brand New’s High & Low set (which Deanna saw in person), new albums from Mutemath, Foo Fighters, The National, PVRIS, and more, and then go deep on the latest Apple event. We talk about the new products, Apple Music, iOS 11, and what we think we want to upgrade and not upgrade.


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    Show Notes


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  2. JRGComedy

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    @Deanna Glad someone else thought High and Low was strange! It was a lot of fun though, and super easy to meet all the bands and comedians because the venue was so small.

    It is also affirming that you thought Pup's mix was garbage. It was so disappointing and it wasn't even the band's fault.
  3. Deanna

    Trusted Supporter

    Yeah haha. I think if they do another one, they'll be more prepared for it. And I have 0 clue what was going on during that set, but it wasn't pretty. I wish they would do these kinds of festivals when it's not super hot out, too. It doesn't rain enough around here to use that as an excuse haha. I think October would've been way better weather wise.
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  4. JRGComedy

    Trusted Supporter

    Yeah, it was damn hot. A random stranger stopped me during Andrew McMahon's set to ask if I needed more sunscreen haha.
  5. Deanna

    Trusted Supporter

    Haha I think I put sunscreen on like 3 times the first two hours I was there. Thankfully did not get burned at all (for once).
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