Acceptance Working in the Studio

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    Both expected and excited. I heard the last album made quite a bit of money, even without them touring on it.
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    Did it really? I thought they only hit bottom 50 on the billboard for sales on the first week.
  5. simonbelmont May 17, 2019
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    They did a Pledge Music page and didn't have a set goal, but I'm sure they did really well.
  6. DandonTRJ

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    Without revealing sources, I was quoted a healthy six figure dollar amount.
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    Awesome for them!
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    More like "Fire and Rain" please. That was close to their basis sound, but evolved.

    So many of the songs on the last record were THIS CLOSE to being unstoppable, but they either peter out or don't go over the edge. I would love to hear that record with Sprinkle being a bit more judicious and cutting some of the fat around the intros. All the pieces are there.