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Acceptance Release New Album Artwork, Title, and Stream New Song

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. FTank

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    That's nice artwork.
  3. Damien Davies

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    Hot damn
  4. Steven Suarez


    But is the song any good though?
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  5. benschuyler

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    This is so trippy that they have a new record coming out. 2016 has been the worst but things are looking up this holiday season.
  6. Love the artwork! Always try to hold back any bias just based on artwork, but this is beautiful.
  7. Artwork is great, I really wish I could hear the song but I understand them showing paid supporters first!

  8. Up on YouTube now.
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  9. ibanez966


    Meh. Doesn't do it like the first track did.
  10. "Take Me Away" is definitely the bridge between their album 10 years ago and what the band would sound like in 2017. Expecting something that sounds like 2005 wouldn't work as well.
  11. ibanez966


    No, but I don't think it'd be wrong to hope for an album that sounds like Take You Away
  12. It would be wrong to think that is what the album sounds like. That's the bridge from 2005 to 2017. It's the midway point from that album to the new one.
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  13. ibanez966


    That's disappointing to hear.
  14. Shouldn't be, the album is incredible.
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  15. jeff.dart


    really love the chorus in this song. I can't wait to hear everything else.
  16. Woahhhhh. I love this. Still in the 'I can't believe this is happening' phase with this band, this is helping it sink in!
  17. GetUpAndrew

    Constant horror and bone-deep dissatisfaction.

    I really love this track. If it wasn't for the new Andrew McMahon album, this would have been my most anticipated record for 2017.
  18. daldalian

    hopelessly yours, Alabama

    I'm a huge fan of Phantoms but if you played this song for me I'd probably never guess it was Acceptance.

    It's not a bad song and I'm excited for the album.
  19. zachff Prestigious

    Agree with the first part - doesn't sound anything like old Acceptance. It sounds... generic. The spacey guitars, the echoey vocal style, the synth parts, they don't do much for me.

    I didn't love "Take You Away" but it sounded like a progression - a bridge to quote Jason - this sounds like a reinvention but not a unique one.