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Acceptance Delay a Few Upcoming Shows

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 15, 2016.

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    Acceptance have decided to delay a few upcoming shows.

    Friends, in the midst of what is a horrific and historic tragedy in Orlando, we also had a substantial loss closer to home. The days have been long for the Acceptance family as of late. Earlier this week, our brother and guitarist, Kaylan, lost his mother to her battle with cancer. Time seems to be moving just a bit slower as we mourn with Kaylan and his family for a cherished mother, wife, and grandmother. Always, Lori was open arms and the warm, motherly smile each of us needs so much. Her light was one that only emanates from the biggest of hearts filled with the most unshakable love. We ask that you forgive us, but we need to postpone our shows this weekend in Orlando, Atlanta, and Nashville.

  2. Doubly bummed, both for their loss and for not getting to see them this Sunday. I hope the family is doing well and look forward to hearing the rescheduled dates.
  3. meekers


    Isn't this the band that kicked out their drummer for being gay?


    There's always that one person on every Acceptance thread. Never fails. Garrett and the other band members have since reconciled those differences and are back touring/making a new record.
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