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    he tweeted my all time favorite tweet

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    i hate jomny because im racist against alibens xDD
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    I'm not too familiar with DSA or Chapo Twitter (never even listened to the podcast) but I do follow Felix though and find him very funny. His style is so bizarre to me how he will take these weird references like one Weeknd lyric or one Future song and just play them out for months lol

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    aliens exist

    sometimes my arms bend back

    Jomny pretending to simultaneously be both dyslexic and autistic is obnoxious and the fact that he's gotten two books, a movie and numerous writing jobs out of posting infantilizing self-care tweets pushes him into "grifter" territory for me. What's most offensive, however, is that since his grift is "self-care" or "being empathetic" he's able to spin any criticism of him or his work as negative/cynical people being "toxic" (which you need to cut out of your life!!, btw) or people not being "woke" enough, or whatever. He's a hack.

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  6. think I have a new all time fave
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    Beer/horror podcast - listen everywhere

    Gun one has me howling.
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    "The serial number on that gun is 3" :crylaugh:
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    Doesn’t have Ashley Madison

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    I showed my whole family that sesame street tweet because I love it so much.
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    I watched this so now I’m going to subject you all to it too

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    And all the while, Death smiles on.

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    Maybe so, maybe not.

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    which one of you is this
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