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Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by airik625, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

    Never could get into The Wonder Years, but I enjoy this quite a bit.

    If you haven't yet, you need to listen to his cover of The Weakerthans' track, "My Favorite Chords".

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  2. Elder Lightning

    A lightning bolt without a cloud in the sky Supporter

    I feel like We Don't Have Each Other was much hyped before release but since has become unfairly maligned. It's a great listen, especially this time of year.

    "Grapefruit" is a fucking heartbreaking song, especially for anyone who has ever experienced pregnancy loss and the emotional consequences that can come along with it, both personally and within a relationship.
  3. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

    The albums was one of my favorites for that year. The songs translate well live too. The full band appearance last December was one of my favorite shows Dan has been apart.
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  4. gregory

    new song tomorrow?
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  5. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

    Hope so.
  6. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    I'd love a new album. I never really listened to those three songs he put out because I rarely ever want to listen to just three songs.
  7. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

    That's kind of confusing, but to each his own.
  8. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    I just don't enjoy listening to three songs at a time. It's why I rarely give b-sides or really small EP's much time unless they're one of my favourite bands unless there's like 10 or so I can bundle together.
  9. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

    So singles are out of the question then?
  10. Anthony_

    A (Cancelled) Dork Prestigious

    But they're arguably the three best Aaron West songs!
  11. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    Yeah, those three songs are really good and you're completely missing out not listening to them.

    Excited to see what's next for him.
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  12. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    I usually listen to singles once when they come out to get an idea of what the album's going to be like and then wait for the album. I very rarely listen to standalone singles.
  13. I remember Dan saying something about how the EP connects the first Aaron West LP to the second. We Don't Have Each Other is fantastic, I still listen to it fairly often, and I'm really hoping we get an LP2 announcement tomorrow.
  14. LessThanTrevor

    Trusted Prestigious

    I'm just glad that if this is LP2 then we won't be getting it in July. That first album got heavy listens during the fall and winter months.
  15. CAC3


    The live version of 67 Cherry Red on the My Favourite Chords single is amazing.

    I'm shocked to hear someone say 'We Don't Have Eachother' is maligned, I absolutely love the record. I guess I just never heard too much negativity about it. I think you have to be in the right headspace going into it, but it is beautiful and heartbreaking. The front half of the album beats you down, but the back half is inspiring.

    I would love nothing more than to have the second album announced today, hopefully with a release not too far out.
  16. mattfreaksmeout

    Trusted Supporter

    Yep, I agree completely. I usually listen a couple times but I never go back to short EPs or anything much. I'd rather listen to a full album.
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  17. dotKev


    So very excited for new material.
  18. felipecardel

    formless in the night Prestigious

    i thought this was going to be kind of a one-off thing benefitting from the TWY hype and lose traction quickly, but glad to see it still going strong. love everything he's put out so far. i remember when i interviewed him and he said he was having some trouble putting the story together, so i'm curious to see how it progresses from where it stopped.
  19. vein.ftm

    Trusted Prestigious

    Listening to We Don't Have Each Other for the first time in some years.

    Our Apartment brb crying
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  20. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

  21. btr

    Trusted Supporter

  22. LosManosFuertes

    Love This Place Supporter

    What's everyone think of the new track?
  23. I think it's great. I am curious whether this will be on the next album or if it's another bridge between the two like the Bittersweet EP.
  24. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

    I also really like it. Kind of hope this is just an appetizer of what’s to come instead of being the first single off the new album/EP.
  25. I really love the new track. This is exactly what I’d want from LP2.
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