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Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties Put Albums Up as Pay What You Want

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 14, 2016.

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    Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties have put all their music up on Bandcamp as “pay what you want” with all the proceeds going to the ACLU through November 28th.

    Through November 28th, the entire Aaron West catalog is available for pay-what-you-want with all of the proceeds donated to the ACLU to help them in their fight to challenge the president elect if and when he attempts to implement any of his unconstitutional campaign promises. For more information, please visit

  2. Turkeylegz


    Soupy lost his mind over Trump at the Cleveland show a few weeks before the election. Will gladly support this.
  3. Guys Named Todd

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    Is there a thread that details all the bands currently offering music / merch with proceeds going to charities? I've seen Foxing, Circa Survive, and now Soupy do it within the past few days and I'd love more excuses to keep donating.
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  4. btr

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    The entire Run for Cover label put their albums up for "pay what you want" this past weekend. All of the proceeds went to Planned Parenthood. I think they raised close to $20,000
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  5. Anthony Brooks

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    Just bought a tee from Foxing, they are donating proceeds to the ACLU as well!
  6. the rural juror

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    Do they have more than one album?
  7. Turkeylegz


    1 album and an EP. The EP is pretty good!
  8. beckerm6


    gotta snag the EP its fantastic
  9. Contender

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    Add Tiny Engines to the list of labels that has their albums up pay what you want. Money will be donated to Planned Parenthood and SPLC.

    Tiny Engines
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  10. Elder Lightning

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    They also released a cover of The Weakerthans "My Favourite Chords" today, same pay what you want and proceeds to the ACLU deal –

  11. Elder Lightning

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    Tanner from You Blew It also helped design this shirt and all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood: All Of Us Benefit Tee
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  12. Guys Named Todd

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    I saw that! I snagged Modern Baseball and chipped in. The last number I saw was around $7k. That's awesome that they managed to raise that much.

    I had no idea about this. Thank you!
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