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A Video History of Blink-182

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Larry David

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  3. BTDandFeelingThis

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  4. Former Planets


    Seems like cutting in clips of what he is talking about might make this video watchable.
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  5. StoJa9


    That was really cool. Wish it was a little longer and Travis was there too. Honestly, pleasantly surprised he mentioned Tom by name. Totally forgot that Jordan and Chad were in First Date
  6. SundayDrive555

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    Came here to say this... It's not a video history if you don't show us footage of the damn videos.
  7. Former Planets


    It’s like listening to a commentary track with out the movie.
  8. Davjs


    Even without the clips I really enjoyed it. They have one of the best music video catalogs along with Sum 41 and Linkin Park.
  9. NJPunkMusic

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    why would you be surprised he mentioned Toms name? He was in the band at that time and still a huge part of their legacy.
  10. KyleK

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    It feels a bit like a lost art anymore, though I understand why, they just don't have the role in music consumption and promotion they once did. That said, PUP comes to mind as a young band that consistently have great music video concepts and execution, and I hope they keep it up and have a long career.
  11. The Format


    they didn't mention M+M's or Josie
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  12. NJPunkMusic

    Die rad.

    yea and Josie video is one of their best!
  13. StoJa9


    Because I don't know what's between them right now. Mark could have just as well continued to say "we" like he did throughout most of the video.