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  1. Where are all the chorus.FM digital marketers out there? I work in Social Media marketing specifically, but looking to branch out into other avenues.
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  2. aranea

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    i'd like to learn more about marketing but i don't know where to start. are there free resources - specifically for e-mail and social media?

    i wish i studied it.
  3. Well, Social Wise I can't recommend a guy named John Loomer more. He's specifically focused on Facebook but it's a great resource.
  4. What an agency is like when Salesforce goes down...

  5. HubSpot CRM smokes Salesforce

  6. This is a good place to start Marketing Courses & Certifications (and its free)
  7. Haha i'm unfortunately not the decision maker here. Just the guy who can't do his job today.
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  9. @ilikedesigning - I've never really used Hubspot except for some freelance email work. What do you think makes their CRM so much better aside from not shutting down a day of my office?
  10. I get that.
  11. At my company we use HubSpot's CRM and marketing CMS so from a nurturing leads to customers perspective it makes everything easier for us. You get the whole picture. It makes sense to connect marketing efforts with sales metrics, after all they do go hand-in-hand.

    To answer your question, and I apologize for the lengthy answer BUT the CRM lets you do everything Salesforce does and a bit more. They recently added something called "Sidekick" (which they just renamed to HubSpot Sales) that allows you to see people on your site in real-time so you can reach out right away and also see when someone opens your emails in real-time.

    Here's a quick bullet-point breakdown of what I dig about HubSpot's CRM:
    • Customized views per SDR/rep/etc
    • A clean deal and task dashboard
    • Sync with our HubSpot marketing dashboard
    • The drag and drop features are very user-friendly and make for a cool experience
    • The email integration is slick.
    • Social media connections and integration. You can see people's accounts/profiles.
    • They have a huge company database so you can bring in the info of the company (market value, employee count, etc)
    • You can see how many visits they have to your site, which pages they viewed, where they clicked, filled out a form, etc
    • Email templates that aren't shitty or complicated
    • A hub to upload marketing related docs or pdfs to send prospects with tracking
    Shit I hate:
    • The calls can drop and that's annoying
    • Sometimes the analytics and reporting features are delayed
    BUT that being said, their API lets you do some cool stuff to fit your company's needs and their support team can remediate issues pretty fast. Trust me, I talk to these dudes every other week haha. I don't work for HubSpot in any fashion and I'm the first to complain about them. Because believe me they have their issues but from a cost perspective, HubSpot is significantly cheaper and more intuitive than Salesforce IMO.
  12. Thanks for the breakdown! I wanna eventually ad CRM Admin work to my resume. I should check out that link you shared above when I get some free time. Can only do social ads for so long.
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  13. If you're ever looking for a job (and located in the SF Bay Area) let me know :)
  14. Haha unfortunately I'm as far away as possible, but that's very kind of you!
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  15. Paddy

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    Ugh so glad I don't work in an agency. Feel like I couldn't get on board with anything I wasn't closely attached to.
  16. Man, i feel like I work in the best kind of agency possible, and it's still only capable of 100% of 60% if that makes sense. Like, they treat me well, pay me fairly, but it's still an agency and can never be as great as an in-house marketing role could be.
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    Hi! I'm a marketer, I guess. I co-own a small company, which is partly focused on helping companies understand, reach and retain millennials as customers and employees.
  18. That's awesome! i've always used free pizza as a way to catch their attention :)
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  19. The Lucky Moose

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    As long as there is vegan pizza of course ;-)
  20. I say yes, my old boss would probably just shout "who wants vegan customers" before moving on to some other awful opinion.
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    So marketing twitter has been wild today, I never thought this day would come haha
  22. Haha why? What's been going on? I've been slammed with client requests galore.
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    The Pepsi ad debacle haha
  24. anajames


    If someone needs to learn more on digital and inbound marketing. Hubspot and Onemonth.com can be of really great help.
    courses are free to enroll.