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A Story Told – American Made

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 19, 2021.

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    On the third full-length record from pop-rockers A Story Told, called American Made, they channel all of the best elements of their band and their past work into a refreshing mix of great tunes. The first single released, “I Don’t Mind (To Get A Little Hurt Sometimes)” does a nice job of re-introducing the band to their fans, and brings some new elements into the fold for those just getting to know A Story Told. This record of 12 songs clocking in at just over 36 minutes, are punchy, to the point, and a hell of a lot of fun for this summer season. With so much great momentum going in the band’s favor, it’s no wonder why there is significant buzz surrounding these rockers.

    The album opens cautiously with the piano-based ballad “Start” that sets the stage for the great material that follows. The pace picks up significantly on the second track, “Better Than Heaven,” that will likely be a great, upbeat crowd-pleaser once A Story Told gets back on their regular touring schedule. The song is vibrant, colorful, and features some well-crafted pop hooks at breakneck speed. Other early songs like “Shut Up” are reminiscent of other pop rock bands like COIN, Neon Trees, and AWOLNATION. What the band does particularly well on this song is to bring out their infectious, care-free attitude filled with great summertime vibes.

    ”’92” is another early album standout that features some great guitar tones, breathy vocals, and atmospheric elements to drift along into the stratosphere. My personal favorite from the set comes in the form of one of their newest singles called “Home for the Summer.” It fits nicely into the middle of the album sequencing, features some great electronic-tinged elements that spiral in and out of the vocals to make for an ear-pleasing mix. So many of these songs found on this record are perfect for those days driving to the beach with the windows down and letting all of life’s worries casually melt away.

    ”Watchtower” opens the back half of the album with a different stylistic choice, with a piano-laden song that unfolds beautifully as it gets going. It’s one of the many great moments found on the American Made record that begs for multiple repeat listens. The title track is a good indicator of the material found on the rest of the album, and sets the stage nicely for the upbeat closing songs that follow. “On and On” is another one of those great, Twenty One Pilots-stylized songs that seems to get better through each listening experience. “Now Now Now” and the album closer “Pilot” bop along with veteran ease, and the closer in particular showcases the tender side of the band as they close out this latest chapter of their discography.

    With so much pop polish and great overall production found on American Made, it’s no secret why our forums lit up this past Friday under the new releases post for others to check out A Story Told. There’s plenty to enjoy on this album that features plenty more ups than downs. I’ll be paying close attention to when A Story Told posts their tour itinerary to ensure I’m able to check out a future live performance of these heart-felt songs that pack a punch.


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    This is one of my favorite pop-rock albums in quite some time.
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