A Relient K Halloween EP?

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    It looks like Relient K will be releasing a special Halloween EP — maybe titled Creepier Epier. Apparently they played a couple songs from it live, “Halloween Blues” and “The Cup” (which is about the Butterfinger Cup), at their show last night.

    .@Butterfinger are you ready for this? #thecup #butterfinger #thecreepiereper #tomorrow

    — Relient K (@relientK) October 27, 2016

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    Well this is an awesome surprise!
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    More Relient K holiday music!! All the holidays!
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    Yeah, they played those songs last night. The Cup is a really fun silly song, kinda like "That's My Jam"
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    Always down for some more RK. Glad they seem to be having a good time in this album cycle/tour.
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