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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Quin Stack, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Zoshchenko

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    New album announced with a new song. How's everyone feeling about it? How do you view their discography as a whole?

    I've never made a thread before, especially a band thread, so not sure how I should open this up.

    I've been a big fan of them for 8 or 9 years and they were one of those formative bands for me in middle school and high school. Even though I've drifted from post-hardcore/metalcore and pop punk, I still really enjoyed Common Courtesy and really like their discography as a whole.

    I enjoyed the song we got, but hope there's still some poppy stuff on it, which I can't imagine there wouldn't be.
  2. redwing91007

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    For those too lazy to go digging, voila

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  3. himynameisdakota


    Haven't listened to the new song due to the fact that I'm currently in class but I went ahead and pre-ordered the album. I've seen them 13 times live and they never disappoint.
  4. marceting


    For Those Who Have Heart was a pretty fun album. Remember seeing them in 2007 opening up for The Sleeping in New Jersey and everyone left after ADTR. That's when everyone really knew they were on the com up. Homesick was a great album as well and has great memories for me in late high school/early college years.

    Everything after that has been..lackluster? Maybe I've just moved on.

    EDIT: I'll never forget getting punched in the face during Warped tour 2008 (?) right as they came on stage. I had to get stitches and missed the entire performance.
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    I think I might sporadically share my favorite live videos here.

    This particular video has always impressed me:

    How loud the crowd is singing to a Millencolin cover is so cool. Absolutely love it.
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  8. ianebaldwin

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    I've always loved this video from ADTR because its a reminder that your hometown is apart of who you are and where you came from.

    "This is what made us who we became. Where they know me, not just my name."

  9. redwing91007

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    They were great this weekend and I'm super pumped they announced another stop on the Blink tour so I'll get to catch them again this summer!
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    Fuck, I love how Bad Vibrations opens; SO HEAVY. I can just imagine them playing it at Download festival or something, 40,000 people, and right after he screams "Live with remorse!", huge flames shoot up into the sky from all over the stage, and the crowd then proceeds to go apeshit.
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  12. Davjs


    The best part of the three songs released so far is that they all have different sounds. Liking them all so far!
  13. btr

    Play Sasha

    Album is delayed until September 2nd
  14. bradsonemanband

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    not digging any of the new songs
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    I like all the new songs :teethsmile:
  16. Mister Lyrical Jul 25, 2016
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    Mister Lyrical

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    Yeah I'm enjoying all three of the new songs. At this point in their career they needed a switch up in how they do things, another record with the exact same production team (Chad Gilbert and Andrew Wade) would have run the risk of sounding too same-y. Recording at The Blasting Room seems to have brought some fresh air and a couple new vibes and sounds into their repertoire.

    Do I love them as much as Homesick or FTWHH? Probably not but like a lot of the songs on WSMFY, I get the feeling this album is gonna round out their setlists to be more interesting and diverse.
  17. dotKev


    I'm seeing the tomorrow night in Camden, NJ at the Blink show. I haven't seen them since January 2012 (I wasn't really an ADTR fan back then), but I am looking forward to see them live again. Does anyone have any input on how their shows have been during this tour?
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    Anyone listen to the new single stream today? I missed the first half of the song.
  20. himynameisdakota


    The new song sounds like a b-side from 'And their name was treason'. I really dig it. You can definitely hear the old school punk influence on it which probably means everyone is going to hate it because it doesn't have a breakdown..
  21. redwing91007

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    Haha, my thoughts were pretty dead on with this. I'm assuming it will go up on streaming services tomorrow.
  22. Zoshchenko

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    I'm waiting for a real nice pop song still on this album. I really enjoy the heavy stuff, but have always enjoyed the poppy stuff more
  23. Eric Wilson

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    I'm hoping there will be a couple of great pop punk songs. Love "City of Ocala" and "Right Back at it Again."
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    Missed the premiere, and doesn't look like you can playback the song right now on the BBC website.
  25. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    The new song, "Naivety," is a pop-punk song. Real catchy.
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