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A Brief Inquiry Into The 1975

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 21, 2018.

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    Dan Stubbs, writing for NME:

    A Cole Porter-like jazz song sounds like a standard and has the killer lyric “I fight crime online sometimes”; a new wave pop song is outwardly about love but is not so subtly an ode to heroin (“I’ve got a 20-stone monkey on my back”), there’s a fragile, beautiful ballad about guilt, one song employs the kind of plastic piano sound last heard on Glenn Medeiros’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You’; a ‘90s-style alt-rock track, ‘I Always Wanna Die Sometimes’, is a stirringly moving song about depression; a spoken word piece, voiced by Siri, skewers our relationship with the internet in a modern parable. And even in this jumbled up state, it sounds like a masterpiece, a game-changer, a bar-raiser. An absolute stone cold legend masterpiece. It sounds like they’ve done what Matty said all that time ago: they’ve made ‘OK Computer’ for a new generation of kids – ’Snowflake Computer’, if you will.

  2. russvanderhoof


    Can't wait.~
  3. macbethfan

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    Wow. That is a very large, bold statement, and I hope it holds up here.
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  4. heymattrick

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    Snowflake Computer
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  5. rbf737


    I already thought their last one was a damn near masterpiece. The idea that they could top it with this is pretty crazy to think about it.
  6. Frank Lapidus

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    The four songs they have released so far have hit me harder than the rest of their discography. It really is shaping up to be something of a masterpiece - or so I hope.
  7. transrebel59


    I truly think The Midnight's new album Kids is pretty damn close to that. If we're talking about "themes", then yeah... The Midnight's new album is probably the most relevant piece of music right now.