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A Back-Up Thomas (Encore Episode 132) Podcast

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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    This week’s episode of Encore is with special guest Deanna Chapman. (Thomas is on vacation and watching football games and stuff.) On this episode we talk about how the music scene has changed over the years and what first drew us to it. I’m always curious about what brought other people into this music scene, how it differs today, and the role technology and social media has played in shaping it. We also talk about Batman: The Animated Series, some of our favorite apps, Apple Music/Spotify/Bandcamp, and other fun stuff.

    As always, thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy.

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  2. dtbjerke

    Regular Supporter

    Can't wait to listen. While I :heart: Thomas, it's always good to switch things up every now and then.

    Quick question I've been meaning to ask you since you always talk about your cats and never hear this guy mentioned: What happened to Rowdy? Aside from just being a long time follower of the site and your personal blog, the only other reason I remember him is because that was the exact breed of dog I plan to get at some point so I remember being jealous when you posted pics. Hopefully not a sore subject or anything like that but I was just curious.
  3. SoundInTheSignals

    @Bake_Wear /

    I'd like to hear Deanna on these a lot more. This episode turned out great. I'll also always request more Drew guest spots as well haha.
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  4. Michael Schmidt

    Don't recreate the scene, or reinvent the meanings Supporter

    Deanna knocked it out of the park this week. I will have to read some of her NBA writing. I did not realize that was a big interest of hers. Would be nice to get a female's perspective on the NBA as a big fan myself.
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  5. Deanna

    Trusted Supporter

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone!! Really enjoyed being on the podcast! And of course thanks to @Jason Tate for having me on.
  6. When I moved downtown I realized he would be happier in an environment that was more suited to him wanting to run around outside and have a backyard and more space, so he went to live with my dad and keep him company. I miss him.
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  7. Thomas Nassiff

    i wrote it down for you Verified

    excited to listen!
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  8. dtbjerke

    Regular Supporter

    Must've been tough but that makes complete sense and is part of the reason I still don't have a dog myself. I live in a small apartment in downtown Chicago so not the greatest environment either. I'm right by a beach and park so it could work but I'd feel bad.

    Glad the pups happy though! Hopefully we'll see a snap or pic of him around the holidays!
  9. Thanks! :wolf:

    Also thanks for listening.