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7 Seconds Break Up After 38 Years

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 21, 2018.

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    7 Seconds have broken up:

    Those who have worked closely with us or who have followed us throughout our 38 years know how dysfunctional we can be but we always managed to pull our shit together at just the right time.

    This time around, the reality of being middle-aged, working class, not terribly relevant and not being able to bounce back from injuries and personal problems has become a weight just too great for us to bear and all signs finally point to retirement.

  2. devenstonow

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    holy shit, 38 years?
  3. Wow!
  4. cwhit

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    well, that's much longer than 7 seconds
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  5. justin.

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  6. 246toothpicks


    Wow, I never thought I'd be reading this. My favorite band throughout high school and definitely in my top 5 punk bands of all time. I can relate to that Hard Times article haha
  7. thesollopsist

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    Never listened to them but that's a hell of a long career. Shame they couldn't see their 40th anniversary but I'm sure it's a well deserved rest
  8. Yellowcard2006


    That's like retiring from a lifelong career. Must be weird to end something after doing it for so long.