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    +44’s When Your Heart Stops Beating is getting a new pressing. Some pre-orders are available over at SRC Vinyl.

    SRCVinyl will be expanding their Mark, Tom and Travis (Blink-182) catalog with the reissue of +44’s “When Your Heart Stops Beating” on limited, audiophile vinyl. The album is mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Kevin Gray, Cohearent Audio. It has been plated and pressed at RTI. The album will be pressed on three variants – Blue, Pink & Green with cover art matching the color pressing:
    1. Blue Cover / LP: Limited blue available at retailers & SRCVinyl.
    2. Pink Cover / LP: Limited pink exclusively available at SRCVinyl
    3. Green Cover / LP: To Be released Friday November 29th (Black Friday)

  2. artbynickferran

    Work Hard. Be Nice.

    That might the fastest I've ever purchased a record. I've been waiting for this one!
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  3. theasteriskera

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    I paid entirely too much for a first pressing of this a few year's ago, this is long overdue!
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  4. Insert shut up and take my money meme here
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  5. Davjs


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  6. Davjs


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  7. I preordered this an hour ago
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  8. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

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  9. Davjs


    Well I meant seconds too late from tagging him before he commented, but I agree that either way I am still correct in I was late by an amount of seconds :-)
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  10. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    So good
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  11. macbethfan

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    Same here. Totally stoked to get this on vinyl at last! One of the best mid-2000's records in my book
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  12. smowashere


    These are pretty
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    Nice! I have the first pressing of this. Really want to get the pink and green ones tho!
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