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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by sophos34, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. I uhhhh don’t get it
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  2. OotyPa


    Cats make a “rare” noise when they meow sometimes. I would know because I reply to my cat when I’m stoned. We converse.
  3. supernovagirl

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    Lmfao like...rawr???

    As in I love you in dinosaur
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  4. Signifire

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    Lmao I got the joke, it was purrrfect
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  5. riotspray

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    I'm not really sure how I'm feline about that joke
  6. Kuri44


    This is it, Thanks for explaining!

    yeah I was on a different level last night. Ate 3 lemon bar square edibles.

    had a dream last night that I was watching Joker and Arthur fleck used my terrible cat joke:crylaugh:
  7. OotyPa


    Cat story.

    I have a cat of my own (Peanut Butter) and my girlfriend and I are trying out fostering with this one other cat (Keebler), who is adorable but incredibly passive. Anyway, Keebler got adopted last week and went home to his new family, but their older cat attacked and gave him a deep puncture wound on his hip- so they returned him to us to continue fostering.

    Our cat, Peanut Butter, is super territorial and keeps trying to attack Keebler. My girlfriend has been away on a business trip this week so I'm taking care of these two cats, and also smoking a lot more this week bc of the free time. Being high and keeping cats from killing each other is a draining process, y'all. It's a labor of love tho.
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  8. gonna try to do no weed november cuz my tolerance is stupid
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  9. sophos34

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    one of my gerbils names is mr peanutbutter

    my cats name is freddy
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  10. sophos34

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    on the one hand a tolerance break would benefit me greatly because im going through shit so quickly and can barely afford medical prices but my tolerance is too high for my dealers subpar shit. on the other hand i literally need marijuana to function and stay sober from heroin/crack and im afraid to stop for any period of time longer than a week.
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  11. Signifire

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    If you can, I would try setting rules for yourself. Like only smoking at night after a certain time, or like only smoking after you get off work. I know that’s way easier said than done but with what you’ve said it seems like that’d be your best bet. Also I kinda know what you mean in that weed keeps me feeling better about my life I think and so emotionally it helps keep me stable, so I rely on it for that. and it’s tough to set rules for myself so I end up stopping altogether for a few months when I need a break. Which as you’ve said isn’t really an option for you. Good on you for staying sober though man and stay strong!
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  12. lostawholeyear Oct 26, 2019
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    I like hemp flower a lot. If you get a from a decent source, check the lab reports, etc., it's very pleasant.

    I don't use it alone too much, but I do like mixing it in my vape with high thc flower. Seems to mellow things out a bit, which I really enjoy before bed.

    I'm hoping once Bernie legalises it federally, we'll get some nice, high cbd, moderately low thc flower. Bcause most of the hemp flower now has a little too low thc content due to fed. regulations, and on its own, you don't really get that nice entourage effect that you do with mixing hemp & reg flower.
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  13. elwayinthe4th


    Well we'll well
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  14. Ken

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  15. riotspray

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    I have smoked it, but considering I smoke so much weed, it doesn't really do much for me. I know it's not gonna "get me high" or anything, but maybe if I didn't smoke weed as much, I'd get the "benefits" from the CBD more. I dunno. As of now, I just use it when I overdo it on edibles and start feeling crazy.
  16. yeahrightdude

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    Hey, that's a great use for it at least lol

    I'm like you... I have it sitting around in different forms but I don't really mess with it much. Occasionally I put it under my tongue for a few minutes and then swallow whatever is left. It's definitely not very easy to tell when you're already stoned but with my neck and back issues I notice it a little more I guess. It feels like adding a little grease to my joints and spine and it eases me out of my morning grump. I use probably 150-200mgs at a time though too lol
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  17. Ken

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    I spent too much money on weed in colorado over the last 3 days
  18. RyanPm40

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    Haha definitely can relate. When I visited my sister there I bought so much that I had to leave like half of what I bought with her lol. Then wasted Soo much money on prerolls in Montreal. It's so easy to do when it's that accessible
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  19. yeahrightdude

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  20. alina

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  21. waking season

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  22. OotyPa


    Just ran out of bud so I think I'm gonna take a T-break this week, which is going to majorly suck but I probably need it.
  23. sonder

    eat my shorts, jabronis

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  24. gonna try to not smoke this week (except saturday cuz that's my friend's annual halloween party) wish me luck y'allllll
  25. OotyPa


    Must be something wrong with me because it's been one day and I'm already feeling "withdrawal symptoms" aka a bad headache and i'm feeling irritable and anxious