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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by sophos34, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Borat 2: Vengeance

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    I got my hands on some Orange Daiquiri and it’s been treating me well. At this point I want to get my medical card but I’m not in a hurry
  2. EmmanuelSCastle


    thinking in investing in one of those pax vaporizers or smth cause carts are getting kinda expensive and I'm trying to be somewhat unobtrusive cause new roommates :/ would I be fucking up if I tried getting one of the older models?
  3. chris

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    PCKT accidentally sent me one of their refillable carts with the battery I ordered, idk how to use it, but also I love free stuff
  4. waking season

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    Thinking of something similar. Just moved into a new place and I don’t want to smell but edibles don’t really seem to do much for me either.
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  5. EmmanuelSCastle


    my absolute last resort option is to switch to joints and smoke outside or in my car but that seems like it'd add up to being just as expensive as carts so lmk if you find a perfect solution lol
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  6. riotspray

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    If you're not a super heavy smoker, a PAX is a decent portable discrete option.
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  7. Signifire

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    Vape high > Pen high
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  8. sophos34

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    get the PAX that you can use concentrates with as well as dry leaf. buying your own wax and using a vape is better bang for your buck than carts
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  9. AFoolsGlory


    Which PAX can you use dry leaf in? I wasn't aware that you could. I keep shopping around for a vape but can never pull the trigger and actually buy one. I hear the high you get is different?
  10. Arry

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    pax 2, i think? I had the original pax that you can use flower in. it smelled like burnt popcorn and was a bitch to clean considering i had to buy a mini screen to pack the bowl tightly. but they might of improved on pax 2
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  11. chris

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    I have the magic flight and it also suffers from the burnt popcorn smell, also the batteries it came with are not great. a small amount of flower goes a long way though, helped save a lot of money overall
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  12. lostawholeyear

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    I primarily use a Dynavap M. There's very little smell and it's super efficient. There's also a coil adapter for concentrates that you can purchase separately.
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  13. Signifire

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    Invest in the power adapter. It’s like using the magic flight with a fresh battery for every hit.
  14. riotspray Aug 14, 2019
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    The magic flight is okay, but it just seems like ancient technology at this point. The PAX is just so much more sleek and modern. Both suffer from the burnt popcorn smell if you run the bowl too long or have the heat too high, but I don't think there's gonna be any vape that can make (slighty combusted) weed not smell.
  15. Signifire

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    Eh the magic flight hasn’t ever let me down, been using it since 2010. Like I said, it’s practically a different piece with the power adapter.
  16. chris

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    I've heard this! Will have to pick one up eventually
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  17. sophos34

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    dab rig fuckin me uppppp god damn
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  18. Mr. Serotonin

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    I hadn't had a dab in a coupla years. Took one last night after about 6 beers and W H O A .

    Needless to say, I slept like a newborn baby prince.
  19. Jesse West

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    Driving to Estes Park in Colorado from Missourah. Gonna stop at the first dispensery we see when we cross the state line and make our first legal weed purchase!
  20. yeahrightdude

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    Are you taking I70? You should go to House Of Dankness. Not exactly the first dispensary but pretty close and well worth it
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  21. DickyCullz

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    Man secret life of pets 2 is great
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  22. supernovagirl

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    I started using Rezblock and it's a game changer for someone like me who goes a disgusting amount of time between cleanings.
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  23. riotspray

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    I might have to try that. I clean my bong (almost) obsessively, because I can't really stand smoking out of a dirty piece, but I smoke A LOT so I wind up having to clean it every other day it seems like.
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  24. Jesse West

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    I clean my bong pretty much weekly with soap, coarse salt, and hot water. Unless I take it to my buddies and use his orange chronic, that stuff works really well.
  25. OotyPa


    I rarely if ever use my bong since moving in April. My friends in Philly don’t smoke, which is unfortunate, but I pretty much exclusively hit my pen or the occasional bowl from my building’s rooftop. When i did use my bong, I did clean it every time before use. Inconvenient and time consuming but I feel like if I smoke from a dirty piece, my whole body smells like an ashy pipe.