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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by sophos34, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. finnyscott

    I'm from New York. No, not the city.

    Tonight is the first time I’ve smoked since last summer and one hit blew me off my goddamn ass.
  2. jkauf

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  3. Arry

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    im pretty sure i went to this bumbershoot and was high on molly for death cab and cried
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  4. Arry

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    this past weekend, we went to the oregon coast for my friend's bachelorette party and i haven't smoked so many joints and spliffs in my damn life. i think i was pretty stoned for the entire weekend. the theme was a 'witch' weekend and we had a family of kids next door. we chanted around the campfire for jokes and i'm pretty sure those kids are haunted for life

    also i have discovered the palm battery. it's so much better than the pen because you can stick it in your pocket without bending or breaking. and it has a sturdier base so wont tip over when you sit your pen upright.

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  5. K0ta


    I successfully smuggled a couple of joints and a cherry pie cartridge back home from San Francisco and I am stoked
  6. BirdPerson

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    Gonna have to check this out. I need a new battery for my trip to NY next month
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  7. ChiliTacos

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    Why did it take me almost four years of being a daily smoker to try my first blunt? None of my local smoker friends really smoke them and I guess the opportunity just never really presented itself? Either way, I've been smoking them nightly for the last week and they fucking rule. Also I had no idea there were so many different flavors of Swishers. Also I am very high right now.
  8. yeahrightdude

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    blunts were my least favorite way to smoke for probably a decade. One day I got some free wraps and decided to put 'em to use and I fell in LOVE. I smoked them way too often though and I literally burned through my stash so I had to switch back to my dugout.
  9. so I downloaded tinder to see if I could find some weed in nyc while I’m here, sadly the only messages I got were from unicorn hunters who wanted to bang me
  10. Mr. Serotonin

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    That tobacco mixed with marijuana high is kinda fucking sweet. I don’t even smoke tobacco unless it’s got weed in it haha
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  11. EmmanuelSCastle


    not having a cartridge has arguably been good for me and not being perma stoned is probably the adult thing but I'm getting a cart this week and could not be happier about it
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  12. EmmanuelSCastle


    I've since started hitting my dead cart because fuck my lungs I guess but i got like three decent hits off of it so who's really the winner
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  13. Mr. Serotonin

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    I’m gonna get higher than tits when I get home
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  14. Signifire

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    It’s like saving roaches but way better. I have like 5 carts with just a tiny bit of oil left that I’m saving for a rainy (dry) day.
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  15. Ken

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    I’m finishing that blunt i snapchatted you earlier
  16. Mr. Serotonin

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    You need to finish your greens so you grow up big and strong
  17. Ken

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    I’ve heard that’s the only way
  18. Mr. Serotonin

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    Trust me, I’m a doctor ;-)
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  19. EmmanuelSCastle


    a very good idea, I think I'm gonna try to be kinda diligent about getting new carts before the old ones are completely empty for this reason. I looked through a few and wished I wasn't so gluttonous lol
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  20. waking season

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    Smoking on a lake dock listening to the new Crumb record and the loons. Such eerie sounding animals.
  21. scroopy.noopers

    : (

    girl, i could have got u
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  22. ah damn I knew there was someone I know from here in New York
  23. Arry

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    blunts are the fucking best. i love them. i only smoke them when its a group setting since they are brutal for my throat but i love the high. same with spliffs. i just can't smoke as much as i used too now since its harsh tokes for me.
  24. Ken

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    For myself, I'll normally roll a cigarillo, smoke half immediately and save the other half for later. Not too harsh and not too overpowering. I do prefer full cigars for blunts with friends though.
  25. riotspray


    Solo blunts and joints all day errrrday over here
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