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420 Blaze It • Page 181

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by sophos34, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. mattav152


    Why yes I am a geologist
  2. so I’m going to NYC next weekend to see The Lonely Island, how easy will it be to find weedz as an out of towner?
  3. jmitch0906

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    What did I walk into
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  4. waking season

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    Went looking for munchies and found the holy grail
  5. Kellan

    JuneJuly Supporter

    Who has lived in a state while they transitioned into recreational sales? I expect prices in Illinois will be pretty high at first but I’m wondering what to expect
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  6. Randall Mentzos Jun 11, 2019
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    Randall Mentzos

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    Rant time. Feel free to debate this or play devil’s advocate. I’m open to everyone’s opinion. I want us all to be honest with ourselves - not exactly trying to preach to the choir, I want this to be honestly discussed, just don’t feel like it should be posted in any other thread.

    I can honestly admit I’ve become dependent on weed after almost always having it for basically my whole adult life. And the reason I haven’t stopped is because I don’t see it as a horrible thing. The benefits are numerous and the negatives are mostly fabricated / more of a misguided societal perception than reality.

    Yes, I am one of those stoners. Would I stop smoking to get a higher paid professional job? Yes, absolutely, 100%. Do I think teenagers and children should do it? No, it stunts their growth and can impact their ambition for school & other activities if they aren’t mature about it. Do some people manage their dependency in an unhealthy way and choose to smoke INSTEAD of doing things they need to do? Yes, and those people give, what is a mostly beneficial drug, a bad rep. Should I buy less and ration it more when I’m broke? Absolutely, and I do.

    But, as a college dropout, until the day I get certified in a programming language, serving tables is the highest paying job for me and they don’t drug test. So for starters it doesn’t affect my employment. If I have indica, I avoid smoking before tasks I need to accomplish because of the fatigue.

    Weed relieves my stress and puts me in a great mood in a similar way that people who smoke cigarettes claim. It works like a charm for my ADD and anxiety. People that smoke a pack of cigs per day spend about as much on that as I do on weed, too. I also find that it adds to my creativity as a musician.

    Also, this is a taboo topic but I’m just gonna say it, driving high is NOT like driving drunk. Blunt rides are a thing for a reason, Ive driven high often but I’ve been sober every time I’ve been pulled over or got in an accident. If anything I’m more patient when I smoke. If you’re paying attention to the damn road and not just being a dumbass thinking about how high you are... it’s the same thing as, put your damn phone away while you drive. Taking driving seriously is not hard to do when you smoke weed.

    *I wouldn’t recommend occasional or new smokers to do this - being high is can affect your ability to stay focused when your cannabinoid receptors aren’t well conditioned. And I remember when I FIRST started smoking it played tricks on my depth perception... but weed hasn’t done that to me since I was 19. Every daily smoker I’ve ever known has 100% of their motor skills and reaction time when they’re high. And some of those people smoke because of chronic pain so it’s not even a recreational thing, they drive because they need to be able to be functioning adults while medicating their pain.

    (The problem is, you can’t legislate that. If it’s made legal, inexperienced smokers will inevitably drive and be distracted & dangerous on the road. Driving while high on weed is always gonna be a DUI. As I type this, I realize that while I never drive drunk, I and mostly every other daily smoker I’ve met has risked a DUI charge for weed hundreds of times in our lives. So maybe it can be clearly argued that I shouldn’t do that even in spite of the rest of this post.)*

    In a modern context, now that the cops don’t really go after recreational smokers and most states have proposed legalization bills... I don’t really see how this is judged more negatively by society than a nicotine addiction.
    It’s not fertilized with carcinogens. My second hand smoke doesn’t cause other people health problems. If I smoke indoors, it doesn’t discolor the walls / appliances and the smell is gone within 90 minutes.

    And perhaps best of all, I can stop smoking without any withdrawals or physical side effects. Since I stopped briefly recently, I haven’t even really been in a sour or impatient mood as some claim when they smoke a lot and then stop. Ive merely felt bored and understimulated.

    I long for a day when I don’t feel like I’m gonna be scrutinized for consistently enjoying the benefits of this drug. People drink like crazy, take pain pills that make them loopy, take medications that make them fall asleep against their will, take 5 minute breaks from work every hour to go outside for a cigarette, etc and often aren’t stigmatized for these things.

    What do you guys think? Is smoking weed every day a bad thing or nah?
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  7. Randall Mentzos

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  8. Kellan

    JuneJuly Supporter

    I really think it’s a case by case basis. I used to smoke way more than I do now, although it’s mostly because I don’t have a “guy” in Chicago. I smoke every day when I have the supply. The biggest negative for me while smoking habitually was just how tired it made me. Indica, sativa I really think it barely matters what kind for me — all of it makes me super tired after the high wears off a little bit.

    I certainly use weed to self regulate my feelings — although I do that with lots of other stuff too. Food, porn, sex, concerts even to some extent. I think I just have an addictive personality. But I also found the really high CBD strains and products help control my anxiety so much. The positives of weed really outweigh the negatives for me. I felt a lot worse when I stopped taking Lexapro than when I stop regularly getting high.

    I started smoking too early probably...Junior year in high school? I had ok, not great, grades but it had nothing to do with weed. I just didn’t give a fuck. And then I went to college and smoked even more weed and yes I did drop out, but again I think I would have probably stopped going even if I never smoked a day in my life. I think I have ADHD and it’s really hard for me to put effort into classes I don’t give a shit about.

    Last thing I’ll say is I completely agree about driving stoned. Cruising gets a really bad rap now, but when I lived with my best friend we would cruise all the time — just for fun, to get out of the house. I never felt unsafe.
  9. LightWithoutHeat

    Doomed to Live

    I think it’s highly dependent on the person. I smoked everyday for a long time and eventually realized it was killing my drive to do anything productive (like working out, socializing) outside my 9-5. I also noticed that if I stopped for a few days I would have horrible nightmares, while when I smoked I hardly ever dreamed. I didn’t think this would be good for my mental well-being long term so I pretty much stopped cold except for special occasions every few months or so.

    All that is to say for me smoking everyday was not good, but I know plenty of people who do and are fine.
  10. Randall Mentzos Jun 11, 2019
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    Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    Thanks for your input so far.

    I’m discussing this because I have a weird guilt in my soul that I probably shouldn’t be a daily smoker into my 30s (I’m almost 29.) Likely due to the way people judge grown men who smoke a lot of weed.

    And that contradicts me logically feeling like it’s pretty much only been a positive thing in my life, and also that pang of dependency that says “but I’m usually not stressed and having a good time when I’m high, why would I WANT to stop?”
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  11. LightWithoutHeat

    Doomed to Live

    If it’s not interfering with what you want for your life then I think you can take solace in that. It’s always good to be introspective about these things though so it’s worth considering why these feelings are cropping up in the first place.
  12. Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    @Kellan it’s interesting that you ALSO have anxiety and ADD and your perspective kind of aligns with mine

    I can definitely say I showed CLEAR symptoms of both mental illnesses as a child, years before I ever smoked
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  13. Mr. Serotonin

    I'm still staring down the sun Prestigious

    I’ve been pretty much a daily smoker for about 10 years. I used to smoke much more but now I typically smoke two bowls with my gf before bed. It doesn’t seem to interfere with anything and I know I can stop if I start to get tired of it or just need a break. I’ve stopped for several months before, but like you said, don’t really see the need to right now. It REALLY helps me sleep.

    My gf smokes before going out and whatnot (she doesn’t really drink) but that, I’ve found, isn’t really for me. I’m more social soberly than when high, unless it’s around 4 good friends or something like that.
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  14. Randall Mentzos

    Listen to my EP: terrainofficial Prestigious

    Yeah I’m actually very sociable when high so thats part of why it functions well as a regular part of my life

    I mean if I get TOO high I might be a little awkward but at this point Im experienced enough to know how not to get too high haha. I’d have to take like 3 dabs to get that high anyways from my tolerance.
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  15. Mr. Serotonin

    I'm still staring down the sun Prestigious

    Yeah I’m glad I got through that phase cause it doesn’t work for me. I used to dab every day but once I did one or two I was pretty much not leaving the house. I did that for like a full year. It just doesn’t mesh with my normal sociable personality, and that’s fine.
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  16. EmmanuelSCastle


    I smoke daily, pretty much, and while it doesn't interfere with my life to do so, I don't think there's a big all encompassing "yes this is okay" or "no, stop doing" type answer to this just cause everyone's different. I have depression and anxiety and I'm scared of medication, particularly the effects of withdrawal because I've never been like perfectly financially stable so the idea of not being able to afford or get meds and my body punishing me for that is terrifying lol. with depression, I have no motivation to do anything some days, and even worse, I'll go a long time without feeling anything in particular during the worst of it, and that causes so much more problems. weed does dull my emotions a bit but not in a "I don't feel them way", more like I'm a little more distant from them and consider them slightly more objectively because of that distance. to me, this seems preferable to feeling nothing at all. and since depression doesn't go away, I've started to assume I'll probably end up smoking the rest of my life (unless, of course, it manifests itself in a way that is detrimental to my life)

    even though it has not impacted my life negatively, or at least not in a way I've noticed, I wouldn't exactly say it's not a problem. I'm high more often than not because aside from the tangible benefits I also just like being high. like, I'll hit my pen before a shower in the morning, probably smoke at work if I get bored (at the job I like) or get too anxious (at my call center job which has me doing what I find to be the most uncomfortable way to communicate w strangers). I'll smoke when I get off work or before I eat or if I'm gonna play guitar or before a movie or before bed. like, basically, if I can be high then I absolutely will be because I can tolerate who I am when I'm not being dictated by my stupid brain. I don't have any delusions of this being a healthy relationship with weed, but I think being aware of the negatives and closely monitoring them is a lot more useful to me than abstinence from smoking bc I'm just miserable that way unless my life is in a rare upswing.

    all this to say is that I think relationships w drugs of any kind are delicate and individual and honestly in some cases maybe above a simple "good/bad" dichotomy bc it's a constant negotiation of your own comfort. the only time I think other people's opinions should significantly change how often I smoke is if it affects them, like hanging out w someone who prefers I don't do it around them or a significant other who may have to deal w that or smth. but otherwise like...I'd rather be a functioning human being with working emotions and a desire to interact w people (sometimes lol) who smokes a lot and has a shitty memory as opposed to a husk of a person who's just running out the clock until I die or whatever, but any sort of decision like that should come w the acknowledgement that it's not for everyone and as a result I should be ready for pushback and also ready to consider if I do receive push back that I need to reflect deeply on why that might be and if I have a problem.

    my therapist also doesn't seem to see it as an issue atm which also further validates where I'm coming from to me haha
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  17. EmmanuelSCastle


    as far as high driving tho, I do it but I do think it's important for me to take inventory of my senses before I do, ie am I too tired, do I feel like I'm reacting to things with appropriate timing etc just as a precaution and exercising due diligence and whatnot
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  18. Signifire

    Headphones blaring three stacks Supporter

    I think about this subject often. I’m 26 now and the biggest thing for me after all this time is still just the money. Thinking about how much money I’ve spent over the last ten years on weed or weed-related things makes me shudder. For me, I think I have a problem keeping it under control as far as how much I smoke, and so the money I spend tends to become too much for my
    budget to handle, and so I take long t-breaks for months at a time until I feel like I’m at a better place financially. This also helps because then when I do end up picking up again after those months of not smoking, I will be much higher just by smoking smaller quantities due to that tolerance break. But I think I’m reaching the point in the next few years where I need to stop altogether until I have, like, a career. The money could be put towards more important things, simply put.
  19. Randall Mentzos

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    @EmmanuelSCastle that was a REALLY good answer. I found that relatable in a lot of ways.
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  20. Randall Mentzos

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    This is also a thought that creeps up pretty often. But I have ways of justifying it. I don’t smoke cigs, gamble, shop frivolously, I’m not even a big drinker and I usually will only get two beers max when I go to a bar / only have beer in my fridge occasionally. So when I look at it like, the vast majority of Americans have vices and this is my only vice, I don’t feel as bad about buying it regularly.

    I tend to lean more towards “weed is cheaper than most entertainment and most medication... so if you’re going to judge low income people for buying weed to find some solace and enjoyment in their difficult lives, that more so just highlights the problem with capitalist society and our economy.” Expecting poor people to just work and avoid any recreational costs is a very sad way of looking at the world

    That’s just me though, if you feel uncomfortable buying it that’s a personal decision & no one can tell you otherwise
  21. jkauf

    Trusted Supporter

    Pretty much agree with every word you said.
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  22. riotspray

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    I think it all boils down to one simple thing. If you're not hurting anyone else and on a more personal level it's not negatively affecting your life, then there's no reason you shouldn't do anything and everything that makes you happy.

    And to shame someone for smoking pot is ridiculous. "You're 30, grow up and stop smoking pot." GTFO here. The bars are filled with people of ALL ages drinking til they can barely stand and smoking like chimneys. Fuck off.
  23. jkauf

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    Just got this today because I was tired of having a long pen, love how it hits so far. Anything special about cleaning or maintenance?
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  24. Randall Mentzos

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    Well, I definitely agree haha, but people who don’t really do it tend to think like “I only drink on the weekends. It’s irresponsible to smoke weed on the workweek.” And they really don’t understand that weed only has that kind of inebriation impact on people who rarely smoke. They remember getting high as FUCK the few times they smoked and then falling dead asleep so they can’t fathom someone being productive while they partake.

    This is why I insist on comparing it to a nicotine addiction instead. Because like I said, cig smokers literally spend an extra hour of every work day going out smoking. They get extra breaks on top of what their job gives them because society empathizes with and socializes cigarette addictions. So why is it a big deal that I smoke an hour before work or 15 minutes before going out to run errands?

    I’m not a person that secretly smokes a bowl in their car or hits a pen at work. My gf doesn’t smoke and I usually will smoke at my house before going to see her instead of taking up our time together smoking and stinking up her house. As far as I’m concerned, I do it respectfully and responsibly by keeping it mostly at home and/or doing it on my own time. And not trying to include it in situations where other people aren’t interested.
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  25. Signifire

    Headphones blaring three stacks Supporter

    The only little quirk I’ve run into is that sometimes the little ring that you screw onto the heating element of carts can lose connection, but it’s easily fixed by taking the cart out and just unscrewing the ring and screwing it back on. Oh and the ring can get kinda sticky, I’ve just been taking a damp paper towel to that every now and then.