311 – “What The?!”

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    311 will release their new album, Voyager, on July 12th. Today they’ve released the new song “What The?!” and pre-orders are now up.

    Track Listing

    1. Crossfire
    2. Don’t You Worry
    3. Stainless
    4. Space and Time
    5. Dream State
    6. Good Feeling
    7. What The?!
    8. Better Space
    9. Dodging Raindrops
    10. Rolling Through
    11. Born to Live
    12. Charge It Up
    13. Lucid Dreams

  2. This new song sounds like Transistor stuff and I love it.
  3. ComedownMachine

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  4. Jonathan

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    Haven't been a fan of their last few releases, but totally digging this.

    Soundsystem is still one of my favorite albums.
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  5. joey-wan kenobi

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    Music yay. Lyrics...eyyy...?
  6. Jonathan

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    They have a few other songs on streaming from this, I’m digging it.
  7. AMC


    Really? Last album that John Feldman produced was awesome.
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  8. Mrk_Brdshw

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    Most people weren’t fans of the Feldmann-produced section of the album, but I do think MOSAIC as a whole was awesome. The last two albums have mostly been a return to form for them. I’m hoping this one keeps going down the “weird” path for them.
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  9. Ryan

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    Yeah I dug that record, this sounds good too.
  10. Jonathan

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    Admittedly haven’t listened so I’ll give that one a shot too.
  11. xenoabe


    I’ve never considered lyrics to be their strongsuit. They’re still one of my favorite bands though.
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  12. domotime2

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    311 is one of those bands that took me 25 years to realize...

    fuck, i think i actually really really like this band.