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30 Rock TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by itsmesean0630, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. itsmesean0630

    There's no "I" in team but there's an "i" in pizza Prestigious

    I don't care that it's been over for 3 years, this show is brilliant. I'm rewatching the entire series and cannot stop laughing. Like Arrested Development, this show ages spectacularly.

    " ethnic."
  2. tucah

    not champ Prestigious

    My favorite comedy of all time. Endlessly rewatchable.
  3. Guys Named Todd

    Regular Prestigious

    Every time I watch episodes revolving around the Romney / Obama election, I really wish the show had continued throughout the current one. There is so much they could have done.
  4. tdlyon

    Most Dope Supporter

    You can't have a Lemon party without ol' Dick
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  5. kidwithhelmet


    Did they do more than one live episode? I'm rewatching a few eps before bed each night and I just made it to the (first?) live episode, which I loved.

    Dr. Leo Spaceman is my favorite bit character of any series, ever.
  6. tdlyon

    Most Dope Supporter

    There's one in S5 and one in S6 (two versions of each for both coasts)
  7. Doomsday

    flora & dany approve this post Supporter

    30 Rock is #1 on my list of comedies I've started but never finished it. Moving on to it pretty soon I think, enjoyed the handful of episodes I saw
  8. Jakobindeed

    My Whole Life is Thunder Prestigious

    There's a reason my user title is a Jenna Maroney quote. I miss this show more every day
  9. itsmesean0630

    There's no "I" in team but there's an "i" in pizza Prestigious

    Cooter Burger is such a great character.
  10. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

    gang way for foot cycle

    Jackie Jorp Jomp was one of the usernames I was considering for this site
  11. Dave Diddy

    Grief is only love that’s got no place to go Supporter

    I was trying to pick a favorite quote from the show but it's so hard. What are some of your favorite quotes?
  12. Jake Gyllenhaal

    Wookie of the Year Supporter

    "Stop eating people's old French fries, pigeon! Have some self respect! Don't you know you can fly?" - Tracy

    "Boy, it's crazy to think we used to settle questions of paternity by dunking a woman in water until she admitted she made it all up. Different time, the '60s." - Dr. Spaceman

    "The Kid's Choice Awards? Fine, I'll set aside my feud with Raven-Symoné for one day, but she knows what she did." - Jenna

    "If I have learned anything from my SIMS family: When a child doesn't see his father enough he starts to jump up and down, then his mood level will drop until he pees himself." - Liz

    "I'm sorry I'm a real woman and not some oversexed New York nympho like those sluts on Everybody Loves Raymond" – Liz
  13. White

    Cum for the Cum God. Prestigious

    "Technology is cyclical." - Dennis
  14. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

    Jack: Cooter!
    Cooter: That's not my name. My name is James Riley. Cooter Burger? What do you think I am, a cartoon dog? The president named me that!
    Jack: He gave you two nicknames?
    Cooter: "Cooter" because I look like a turtle, and "Burger" because he saw me eating a hamburger one time! We have to get out of here.
    Jack: Now that's the spirit. But if they're not taking resignations, there's only one way out: we have to work together to get fired.
    Cooter: It wasn't even a hamburger... it was a sandwich.

    Wesley: This is meant to be. We’re like Russ and Rebecca on Chums.
  15. White

    Cum for the Cum God. Prestigious

    Wesley: "There's only one Wesley Snipes in this world!"
    Liz: "You know there isn't."
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  16. Dave Diddy

    Grief is only love that’s got no place to go Supporter

    I could quote like a million of my favorite lines from 30 Rock. It's just an endless stream of amazing jokes. A couple of favorites that came to mind...

    Jack: "Michael Kors is a friend...we own a gay racehorse together"

    Jack: "A smug 40 year old bridesmaid. What a treat for everyone."

    Jack: "In order to save this network, I have to destroy it. Just like BP did when they heroically tried to lubricate the Gulf of Mexico."

    Tracy: "A puppy committed suicide after he saw our bathroom!"

    Tracy: (in reference to the National Anthem) "Who'd have ever known there was so many words, it was like a Mos Def CD"
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  17. White

    Cum for the Cum God. Prestigious

    Hahahaha that reminds of that episode with Steve Austin (John Slattery). "Americans are a simple but powerful people, which is why I have written a new national anthem: 'Ooga booga big, ooga booga strong, I'm gonna sing my ooga booga song'"

    Btw for anyone wondering, yes I am going to make every second post in this thread for this point on.
  18. Guys Named Todd Apr 3, 2016
    (Last edited: Apr 3, 2016)
    Guys Named Todd

    Regular Prestigious

    Liz: "You named your son Black Dennis? That's racist""
    Dennis: "Yeah right, Liz. The guy with a black son is racist"
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  19. Deathco_019


    This show was incredible. Really glad I finally spent last summer watching it for the first time. Was one of the best shows to have an experience binge watching like that.
  20. Absolutely love this show. I'm currently rewatching it, almost done with season 2.
  21. Dave Diddy

    Grief is only love that’s got no place to go Supporter

    In the finale of season 1 I always die laughing when Kenneth salutes Tracy and voluntarily falls backwards down the flight of stairs so they can take an ambulance and make it back to the show on time.
  22. itsmesean0630

    There's no "I" in team but there's an "i" in pizza Prestigious

  23. Jake Gyllenhaal

    Wookie of the Year Supporter

    I rarely use Twitter but was just notified that Keith Powell aka Toofer is now following me. Weird.
  24. Dean

    Trusted Prestigious

    He follows me as well.
  25. suicidesaints

    Trusted Prestigious

    Watching Kimmy Schmidt REALLY makes me want to do a rewatch of 30 Rock. One of the best shows... ever.
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