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23 Jump Street (aka MIB23) Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by NewSurrender, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. NewSurrender

    Regular Prestigious

  2. Interesting. I wonder if Will Smith will be back.
  3. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

  4. jmwhit04

    May Your Music Break My Eardrums Prestigious

    Wonder if they'll go big and make it R rated
  5. Dirty Sanchez

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Outlook not so good.
  6. suicidesaints

    Trusted Prestigious

    I wish they would, but it seems unlikely. With the MIB crossover, it seems to me that they were afraid that Jump Street wouldn't bring a big enough return audience on its own, so they are casting their net for a wider demographic. Can't really understand any other reason they wouldn't make 2 separate films.
  7. Highly doubt it.

    I hope this is good.
  8. tucah

    not champ Prestigious

    The series is great but without Lord/Miller directing going to keep my expectations in check.
  9. Morrissey


    That makes the whole thing suspect.
  10. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

    Ice Cube better not be an alien
  11. kbeef2

    Trusted Supporter

    I really doubt it's for financial reasons considering 22 Jump Street was one of the most successful R-rated movies of all time.
  12. wordzanddreamz

    and a millions screams...

    I wouldn't be surprised if he had some sort of cameo like Depp did in 21 Jump Street.
  13. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

    It would be disappointing if they didn't.
  14. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Prestigious

    I need to watch 21 and 22 Jump Street still.
  15. Nathan

    Always do the right thing. Supporter

    The first two Jump Street films earned my trust for whatever else comes along. Lord and Miller aren't directing but from what I've heard are very involved producers whose talent umbrella is strong on their own, like Chris McKay doing Lego Batman. I'm in.
  16. Miss Heartcore Apr 13, 2016
    (Last edited: Apr 13, 2016)
    Miss Heartcore

    Let's build something Together Prestigious

    that's honestly what I was randomly thinking yesterday...there's a case for either option--he's been an alien this entire time or an agent. probably an alien though.
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  17. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    This whole thing is so insane and weird, but I kinda dig it
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  18. The Pharmacist

    Legal Drug Dealer Prestigious

    Do it! It's worth it
  19. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Prestigious

    Haha I honestly don't know why I've waited so long. Love action comedies.
  20. tdlyon

    Most Dope Supporter

    If this is a satire on the recent trend of shared universes in movies like 22 was satire on sequels, this will be fantastic
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  21. KimmyGibbler

    Everywhere you look... Prestigious

    I have been reading a lot about how stupid everyone thinks this idea is, I actually think it's brilliant. I hope that this is successful so it brings a new trend of "totally insane franchise pairings".

    Pair the guys from the Hangover with the Harry Potter movies, Night at the Museum with Taken, TMNT and Mission Impossible, Robocop and Bad Boys. Just batshit insane franchises.
  22. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

    So is it going to be Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill playing the MIB characters (smith and Tommy Lee's character) and , or is it going to be the 21, two, and three scenario, but set in the MIB universe?
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  23. KimmyGibbler

    Everywhere you look... Prestigious

    I suspect it will follow the Hill/Tatum characters from the Jump Street franchise joining MIB.

    I doubt Smith or Jones are involved at all.
  24. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

    Yeah I didn't expect either of them to be in it, I was just using their characters as example.

    Though I'm still not sure what I think of the idea, if you have the same staff/crew members from 21 & 22 Jump Street, then you'd think no matter what they come up with, it should work.
  25. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

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