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2020 NFL Draft

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Night Channels, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Night Channels Jul 14, 2019
    (Last edited: Jul 14, 2019)
    Night Channels

    Adams 2020


    Jake Fromm – Georgia
    Justin Herbert – Oregon
    Jacob Eason – Washington
    Tua Tagavailoa – Alabama
    Jordan Love – Utah State


    De’Andre Swift – Georgia
    Travis Etienne – Clemson
    Jonathan Taylor – Wisconsin
    Eno Benjamin – Arizona State
    Ke’Shawn Vaughn – Vanderbilt


    Laviska Shenault Jr. – Colorado
    Jerry Jeudy – Alabama
    Ceedee Lamb – Oklahoma
    Tee Higgins – Clemson
    Tylan Wallace - Oklahoma State


    Albert Okwuegbunam – Missouri
    Kemari Averett – Louisville
    Daniel Imatorbhebhe – Southern Cal
    Jared Rice – Fresno State
    Adam Trautman – Dayton


    Andrew Thomas – Georgia
    Mekhi Becton – Louisville
    Walker Little – Stanford
    Tre Smith – Tennessee
    Trey Adams – Washington



    Never too early to discuss the top draft eligible prospects to watch this college football season...

    My rankings are based off of career projections, not where I think a player will be drafted.

    QB: Huge fan of Fromm as an NFL QB prospect. He's the most mechanically sound passer in this class, by far. Eason is clearly projected off of talent and measurables, but he has the tools to be special. A player like Michigan's Shea Patterson could slide into the top three sooner than later. Not a fan of Tua as a pro. More of that as the season moves along.

    RB: DEEP group again. There's a couple of really intriguing power backs in the southeast that didn't make the top five cut that I really like. Tulane's Darius Bradwell is a top sleeper as an inside zone power runner.

    WR: Shenault and Jeudy are more like 1A and 1B. I could flip a coin with those two. Both are legitimate top ten caliber prospects. TCU's Jalen Raegor is one to keep an eye on -- nasty YAC receiver.

    TE: It's Okwuegbunam and then everyone else. Weak group overall. Hoping some new starters emerge this season.

    OL: Thomas is as dominant as it gets in the run game. Becton has elite size and athleticism, but he needs to put it all together. Little doesn't have the best measurables as a tackle, but he's a technician. Strong tackle class, weaker interior group this year.
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  2. CarpetElf

    kill all birds Prestigious

    I love this tackle and RB class
  3. xkj1985x

    SMFJ Szn. Take III. Prestigious

    Hunter Bryant - Washington

    Wait for it...
  4. Night Channels

    Adams 2020


    Thank god we don't have to watch Jake Browning throw any more passes
  5. xkj1985x

    SMFJ Szn. Take III. Prestigious

    Until Kirk Cousins gets hurt....(I’m half kidding) but yes, thank fuck he’s out of my life forever.

    I can’t wait to finally be able to watch a UW QB throw a ball further than 20 yards.
  6. PeacefulOrca

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I'm very curious if Eason will be good
  7. xkj1985x

    SMFJ Szn. Take III. Prestigious

    Me too....but he can throw a ball far which is already an immediate improvement.

    Washington has a TON of turnover this year, especially on defense so while I think they’ll still be good, this will be a down year. This will be the worst season for UW in the next 5-7 years and they still may win the PAC-12.

    I think Eason actually stays for his two eligible seasons unless he just absolutely explodes this year.
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  8. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Eason over Tua continues to be a scorching hot take
  9. Night Channels

    Adams 2020

    At one point, Tua was outside of my top five.

    I think he is one of the most overrated prospects in years.
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  10. xkj1985x

    SMFJ Szn. Take III. Prestigious

    I would agree with you as of todays date just because we haven't seen Eason play in a year and a half. But I do think that speaking strictly "tool" wise, Eason has the better skillset to succeed in the NFL. But whatever, I don't really care because I get to watch a guy who is capable of making throws like this....

    ....instead of shit like this




    My sanity is really the only thing that matters here. Thanks.
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  11. PeacefulOrca

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Where's Randall to defend his guy?
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