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  1. Sean Murphy

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    Giants truly wild
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  2. CarpetElf

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    Well he's dropping down my list.
  3. Randall Mentzos

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    The best part of tonight was Josh Allen holding his child as he walked up to the podium

    Did nothing to gloat or call attention to himself. Just motivated by his baby. That touched my heart.
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  4. xbrokendownx

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    You a Wilkins fan?
  5. xkj1985x

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    This....this doesn't seem accurate. Pretty cool, tho.

  6. CarpetElf

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    He said he was quiet on the phone because he didn't want to disturb his daughter, who was watching a movie.
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  7. CarpetElf

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    Don't think I forgot about my #2 either. SUPER stoked on Brian Burns :heart:
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  8. xkj1985x

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  9. EntryLevelDave

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    Could sit for three years???
  10. Randall Mentzos

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    Was time to update my avatar

    Been loving Josh Allen's tape this entire draft process and did not once think we could get him.
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  11. Drew Beringer

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    a few hours and later and fuck the Packers - made zero good picks and they will zero contributions to this team
  12. Drew Beringer

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    Savage might be good but god that Gary pick just sours me on the entire draft
  13. Randall Mentzos

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    LOL Walter Football.


    It’s also kind of amazing, that bit about Khalil Mack’s agent. Maybe that’s actually why it happened
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  14. CarpetElf

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    Alright, here it is. 36 mock drafts entered. Here's what we got.

    By Source:

    Nine - Benjamin Allbright, Sam Farmer, Ryan Wilson
    Eight - Peter King, Chris Trapasso
    Seven - CarpetElf, Charles Davis, Jason La Canfora, Matt Miller, NBCSports, New York Post, RJ White, Sports Illustrated
    Six - Charlie Campbell, DraftTek, Will Brinson, Rhett Lewis, WalterFootball
    Five - Grant Evan, NewsDay, SBNation
    Four - 24/7 Sports, Charley Casserly, DraftWire, EntryLevelDave, Daniel Jeremiah, TankaThon, Lance Zierlein
    Three - Bucky Brooks, CBS, For the Win, Thomas Gironda, Pete Prisco, Chad Reuter

    By Player:

    28 - Kyler Murray
    27 - Nick Bosa
    21 - Devin White
    18 - Daniel Jones
    17 - Josh Jacobs
    13 - Dwayne Haskins
    9 - Quinnen Williams
    8 - TJ Hockenson, Garrett Bradbury
    7 - Marquise Brown
    6 - Clelin Ferrell, Christian Wilkins
    5 - Devin Bush, Jerry Tillery
    4 - Brian Burns
    3 - Jeffery Simmons, Ed Oliver
    1 - Josh Allen, Jonah Williams, Chris Lindstrom, Dexter Lawrence, Noah Fant, DeAndre Baker

    Nobody guessed the Raiders 4th overall correctly.
    Nobody guessed the Packers, Texans, Seahawks, Patriots, or Eagles
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  15. Blimp City Hero

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    Parris is a completely different WR from Dede/Marqise. He’s more Robert Woods/Percy Harvin at a 4.3 speed. Just like Michael Thomas, he’ll be even better in the pros.
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  16. jkauf

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    Waking up to that Sweat news was a treat. How worried do i need to be about his heart though?
  17. ClarettsGreyGoose

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    Bills will probably go OL with #40 but I can see WR/TE being in play too. I don't think they are targeting CB or RB quite yet.

    Met with Bills or had a top 30 visit:

    Jawaan Taylor
    Dalton Risner (HUGE PROCESS GUY)
    DK Metcalf
    AJ Brown
    Irv Smith Jr

    If I had to guess it will be one of these guys if they're still on the board.

    Round 3 maybe Sternberger, Greg Little, Maxx Crosby, or getting into the RBs if they're actually going to take one
  18. Joe4th

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    Lots of good players left. Lions should look at CB/WR/OL in the second, take whoever is best available at the next pick
  19. jkauf

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    Need skins to get a TE, WR and OL
  20. Night Channels

    ADAMS 2020

    I love Christian Wilkins

    He might be my favorite Clemson Tiger ever
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  21. Night Channels

    ADAMS 2020

    It was a misdiagnosis

    He went about where he should’ve in the first round

    It was a nice pick for the Skins
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  22. spiffa0

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    Pumped with the Steelers pick. Find it pretty inexpensive to move up to 10, especially with an early third this year.
  23. SEANoftheDEAD


    Thats interesting about Mack. I was genuinely shocked with this pick last night, which is funny since they said expect to be shocked by their pick lol.

    I honestly don't know what to make of their whole first round.
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  24. [​IMG]

    Doesn’t seem too small to me
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  25. JRShoenberger

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    Yeah. I still feel great about it. And it seems likely a string CB might be available at our third round pick.