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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Brenden, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Blimp City Hero

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    He might have to start the season on the... injured list?
  2. Sean Murphy

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    the boo-boo-list
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  3. Zoshchenko

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    I completely forgot the Red Sox and Yanks are playing two games in London this summer. That’s gonna cool as hell (hopefully)
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  4. Zoshchenko

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    My issue with “must face 3 batters” is that it fundamentally screws up the continuity of baseball statistics throughout history. I want to avoid that at all costs
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  5. Sean Murphy

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    on the same hand, i'd like to save the half hour-45 minutes that gets added on to a game when a manager goes through 6 pitchers in one inning just because someones a left or a righty or hits singles less against this guy or that guy

    it gets monotonous after a while and frequently can be frustrating to sit through
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  6. Patterns in Traffic

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    I kind of like the three batter minimum idea. Encourages more forethought in game management.

    Plus outside of super high-stakes games it can get tiresome sitting through two or three pitching changes in an inning.
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  7. Sean Murphy

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    ^ ^ ^ yep
  8. DarkHotline

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    Darn, I was hoping for the DH in the NL
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  9. ncarrab


    The three batter minimum is good in theory...but what happens if a pitcher gets injured? Furthermore, I think you’ll see a lot of teams fake injuries to get around that rule.

    If that’s the case, they’ll need another rule that if a pitcher can only face one or two batters, the next hitter is an automatic intentional walk. Or the opposing team gets to pick the reliever. I don’t know.

    I don’t know how you guarantee a pitcher can face three straight batters when many specialty relievers come in nightly just to face a lefty or a righty every now and then and then get pulled.
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  10. slimfenix182

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    Yeah I can't wait for teams to fake injuries lol. I don't care for restrictions on who you can use when at all.
  11. CobraKidJon

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    lmao no one tell him anything

    still love him tho
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  12. Zoshchenko

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  13. Jason Tate

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    Hahaha why do all th baseball ones fail lol
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  14. Jason Tate

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  15. Zoshchenko

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    I had such a good one too lol
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  16. Jason Tate

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    I need a figure out if I can solve that. It shows up if I quote it. Very weird. Making a note to look into it.
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  17. CobraKidJon

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    that one jason posted is way to HD for my taste
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  18. Jason Tate

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  19. Zoshchenko

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  20. slimfenix182

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    For real I'm so ready for some Judge he brings me such joy

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  21. domotime2

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    I'm totally in favor of some sort of mandate to prevent managers from using more than 1 pitchers in an inning...I fuckkng hate that shit so much... and I love baseball. I want to change the bare minimum and even I think that stuff kills the game.

    The dh in the nl on the other hand...ugh no wayyyy. I like that the leagues have different rules. It's one of those quirky things about base all that I actually like.
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  22. Jason Tate

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  23. 220m over 7 years would give him 31m per year. That's tied for 5th highest in the league. The only non-pitcher that'd be making more in Mike Trout.

    I don't understand how that is considered a weak offer. Is it the length of the contract?
  24. PeacefulOrca

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    When the Corbin offer was reported, it turned out the Yankees never made a real offer at all so it can be confusing
  25. Drew Beringer

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    Phillies may be the best team in the NL