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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Brenden, Feb 14, 2017.

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    At least we have one point of good news...

  3. slimfenix182

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    Lol everybody is going to go to the Yankees smh

    They have too many people they're gonna want to pay to go for Lindor. Even if they didn't plan on retaining Lindor after trading for him I think they'd rather keep Didi and go after pitching next few years just a hunch
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  4. T.J.

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    I like Didi, but if you have a chance to upgrade to Lindor, depending on the price, I would take it. Lindor is a stud and Didi will be 30 next year.
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    That would be amazing.
  6. slimfenix182

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    They will have way too many major guys to pay. If they want Lindor who are they letting go
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    If they didn't add Machado for JUST money, I don't see them trading a shit ton to acquire Lindor. Pitching pitching pitching. They should basically give Cole a blank check this off-season
  8. T.J.

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    Didi's $11.75M contract will be up and he will be a UFA. Which, if he stayed in NY, his salary would probably go up or remain the same. Two seasons of Lindor arbitration is probably better value than that.

    Also, doesn't C.C. retire this year?
  9. T.J.

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    Ellsbury is a UFA next season. That's a lot of money right there, too.
  10. Now that's a name I haven't heard in ages.

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  11. T.J.

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    Trevor Rosenthal from The Athletic. The bold part blew my mind, albeit "#pace" forecasts are terrible.

    Rosenthal: MLB needs to improve competitive balance;...

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    C.C. retires yes. They still have one and a half years of Tanaka and Ellsbury. I'd rather they keep Didi and trade for pitching. Paxton sure doesn't feel like a sure thing yet, Happ probably declines, German will get shut down since he's never pitched more than 80 innings or so, the only thing I feel good about is Tanaka in a playoff game based on the last two playoffs. Can't count on Sevy in playoffs if he comes back fine. Who knows if Jordan Montgomery comes back the same.

    Adding Lindor to a lineup that is plenty WS-capable and ignoring the pitching feels like a dereliction of duty to me. Plus what does it even cost to acquire Lindor? Replacing Didi with Lindor til he's a FA doesn't guarantee them anything in that period

    Cashman is a wizard so who knows though lol
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  14. T.J.

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    I swear I thought Jacoby was UFA after this season. Not sure how I misread that.

    But, I hear what you're saying about the pitching. Though, an improvement is an improvement. A run gained is the same as a run prevented, if you subscribe to the Pythagorean theorem of baseball. (I tried finding Dave Cameron's article on it) So, it doesn't particularly matter where you improve if it helps win more games. I know people tend to prefer a balance, though.

    And with two years of control left after this season, Lindor could help. Especially, since I see NYY's best opportunity to be this year, plus the next two. There may be better, or equal, pitchers you could get over Lindor, but my main point is I wouldn't dismiss Lindor simply because he's a position player and you guys are already stacked there.

    All that being said, I do enjoy Didi. He's a great player. It might be easier to re-sign him and try to get a better arm, but its hard to tell at this point. Roster construction is tough, and we still have to finish this season out. But, yeah, Cashman is a wizard and whatever path he chooses is probably one of the best paths to take.

    P.S. I love Paxton. Put some respek on his name.
  15. slimfenix182

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    I like Paxton a lot, before yesterday he had given up 1 run in 26 innings at Yankee Stadium so the talent is there and I don't question trading for him at all. Just hope the knee isn't something that lingers this year, it feels like the staff is on the edge of a cliff right now lol

    A lot of my stance is purely loving Didi so yeah haha. No question Lindor is a step up obviously, he was almost 8 WAR last year I think
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    So the best BB&T and SunTrust could come up with is Truist? Jesus.
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    Saw that today and said “...really?”

    Also. Had no fucking idea Melky Cabrera was still in the league.
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  18. Having a day off is really messing with what I wanna be doing while eating dinner right now
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    Don't care a lick about hockey but go St. Louis, Boston needs no more championships

    If Luke Voit is rooting for St. Louis that's good enough for me anyways
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    Moustakas did it again. Good lord.
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  23. GraveDigger

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    God bless this offense as frustrating as it is as times.
  24. airik625 Jun 13, 2019
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    I love this Braves team. Also, Riley went deep last night to tie it up in the 9th. Someone the other day said it had been a few days since Austin Riley hit a homer.

    10 bombs in his first 26 career games.

    Sole possession of 1st in the NL East for the first time this season.

    Now if we can just start beating our division rivals like the Phils and Nats, I’ll be happy.
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    We need to dupe the Giants and convince them Mad Bum’s trade value is garbage now bc he is a cry baby.

    Also. This bullpen is fucking trash still. I see your boy Minter walked two in 1 IP pitched last night. Enough of that loser already.

    As fun as this offense is, I don’t trust this pitching staff very much.
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