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2019 Chorus.FM Wellness Challenges [April 2019 - Distance Challenge]

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by dylan, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. dylan Apr 4, 2019
    (Last edited: Apr 4, 2019)

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    2019 Chorus.FM Wellness Challenges
    With the new year, a lot of us will be setting wellness goals for the year. One of the best ways to make sure you keep up with and achieve your goals is through accountability. So, for 2019 we will be running monthly wellness challenges for anyone who wants to participate. This will allow us to work on our goals together through friendly competitions and to keep each other active, engaged, and accountable.

    Current Challenge: April 2019 Challenge
    Dates: April 5 - 30, 2019
    Challenge: Distance Time Challenge
    Rules: Participant with the highest total distance logged at the end of the month is the winner.

    How to Participate:
    Anyone can request to join at anytime during the year. Participants are not required to participate in every challenge, but are encouraged to do so! To request to join this month's challenge, go to
    inKin . I'll approve you once I receive the request.

    The Challenges:
    The challenges will be ran through inKin, which has both Apple and Android apps and an online web portal. inKin allows participants to use a multitude of fitness tracker devices and apps to log their progress and various metrics related to the competitions and wellness goals. Participants who do not have a tracker device or use an app not supported by inKin can still manually enter their metrics into the web portal, so if you don't see your device or app supported, you can still participate!

    We will have a different challenge each month for the year. This allows all sorts of participants with different wellness goals, activity levels, and abilities to participate. You might do better during some challenges than you do others, but the most important part is that you're working towards your wellness goals.

    The metrics available for challenges are Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, and Active Time. These four metrics are tracked based on your fitness device/app or your manual entry. Challenge rules state that the person with the highest result at the end of the challenge is the winner. So for the challenges the person with the most steps, highest total distance, most calories burned, or highest cumulative activity time logged is the winner.

    Below is the schedule for the year (subject to change based on participants' desire).
    February: Calories Burned
    March: Activity Time
    April: Distance
    May: Steps
    June: Calories Burned
    July: Activity Time
    August: Distance
    September: Steps
    October: Distance
    November: Activity Time
    December: Calories Burned

    The winner of each month will get a $10 gift card from the merchant of their choice from me once the winner has been verified by inKin. In the event that I win, the $10 will be rolled over into the next months challenge until someone else wins and then the prize will reset to $10 for the following month's challenge again.

    Previous Challenge Winners:
    January: @Mr. Dennis
    February: @Dirty Sanchez
  2. dylan

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    Michael F. won last month's challenge for active time. I forgot your username here, but PM me for your $10 gift card. @Dirty Sanchez i didn't forget about you, i'll get you both on Friday.
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  3. elwayinthe4th

    I just sent a request on inKin
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  4. Thanks for setting this up again!!
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  5. RJ Knorr

    Regular Supporter

    Yeah thanks for doing this @dylan

    I haven’t been as active as I had hoped but I still like keeping track
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  6. terps12


    Going to leave all you suckers in the dust tomorrow after my half marathon :tongue:
  7. elwayinthe4th

    Yeah but that means you have to run a half marathon, which sucks lol.

    But seriously good luck, I hope you kill it :thumbup:
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  8. dylan

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    i've had to fill in at the front desk all day, i have to stay at work late tonight, and i have to work tomorrow 9-5 sitting down all day so i'm not gonna have a good start at all ugh
  9. elwayinthe4th

    Does the mobile app seem glitchy to anyone else? is it better to record manually?
  10. dylan

    Most-liked person on chorus Prestigious

    What device are you using? I find with the iphone/apple watch it's best to open the app, let it read, force close it, and then reopen it again. It takes a bit for it to sync your health data with the server to reflect your placement in the competition. They recommend opening the app once a day to make sure it syncs properly with your health app.
  11. elwayinthe4th

    using android/samsung health. I'm pretty much noticing the same thing except it doesn't always sync my steps correctly. If i have more issues with it i'll just go manual, no big deal.
  12. Maybe this is a silly question but does it only log workouts I’ve intentionally started?
  13. dylan

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    It should read from the health app if you're on iPhone? Go into the app, click the hamburger menu, on the devices section scroll down to Apple and click on "Permissions" and make sure you have distance checked. The app takes a bit to show, but it'll show up eventually.
  14. elwayinthe4th

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  15. dylan

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  16. elwayinthe4th

    Why does it say coming soon for Samsung? Also it says I need a Sim card?

  17. elwayinthe4th

    I'm out. the new app doesn't track my steps and you can't manually log them either.
  18. David Parke Apr 24, 2019
    (Last edited: Apr 24, 2019)
    This is a bummer to hear!

    EDIT: took some playing around but I was able to manually log and get caught up.
  19. elwayinthe4th

    Really? When I looked I could find a manual lot option for everything except steps.
  20. You have to go into the app’s “metrics” setting and set distance to “manual,” then it’ll show up. Then put it back when you’re done
  21. dylan

    Most-liked person on chorus Prestigious

    @terps12 congrats, almost 500 miles in a month is nuts! DM me where you want your gift card from.

    also, some bad news. inKin changed their free platform services and now you have to have a business level account in order to create competitions :( looks like this is going to be the last one. I really appreciate everyone participating these last four months and hope they've motivated you all as much as it did me. If y'all run across any other apps or sites that can do the same thing and we can start it up again, let me know!
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  22. Ah bummer! Thanks for running them! I’m hoping something new comes along to push us as a community!
  23. terps12


    Thanks! That is a bummer -- these were fun to do.