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  1. irthesteve

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    13. Four Year Strong - Some of You Will Like This, Some of You Won't (2017)
    14. JPEGMAFIA - Veteran (2018)
    15. The Frights - Hypochondriac (2018)
  2. WildlifeRooms

    la dispute forever

    ;-)this has to be a joke right?:crylaugh::crylaugh::crylaugh::crylaugh:
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  3. Horrorca


    new Have a Nice Life album announced!!!

    AOtY confirmed - nothing more to do or say, girls and boys
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  4. Jon


  5. cshadows2887

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    Christ, I love this album. You've inspired me to put it on. Gonna pretend it's not mid-winter.
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  6. cshadows2887

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    Know what album of theirs predictably has the most legs for me lately? The one that sounds like Journey, natch.

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  7. Craig Manning

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    This is also my favorite Killers album. I agree it’s had a surprising amount of lasting power.
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  8. irthesteve Jan 12, 2019 at 12:17 AM
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    16. The Jon Hill Project - Rebirth (2019)
    17. Radar State - Strays (2019)
    18. Rat Boy - SCUM (2017)
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  9. Chocobo



    01. Spangle Call Lilli Line - dreams never end ++
    02. Kedama - machi no akari +
    04. RYPPHYPE - next level +
    05. Controversial Spark - after intermission ++
    06. yuichi NAGAO - oblivion +

    from 2018:
    01. Drop's - organ (mini album) ++
  10. Brother Beck


    I don't know if it is my personal favorite Killers album or not - on any given day it could be - but it just strikes me as like 100% pure uncut Killers. Peak Killers. Them boiled down to their absolute essence and then just exploded across twelve tracks. I'll never understand the idea, seemingly shared by the band themselves, that this is in some way a bad album.
  11. LuigiPeppercorn

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    Unsure if anyone would be interested in this, but I made a spreadsheet for anyone that prefers to track their album listening through this. Makes it a bit easier for end of the year sorting and I'm sure there's some basic analytical stuff you could look into about what you liked and disliked this year. Just make a new copy and you can begin filling it out.

    Chorus FM Albums 2019
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  12. Jake W

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    I have finally listened to a 2019 album
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  13. swboyd

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    Current January listens...
  14. K0ta

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    My job is all spreadsheets and I want to hate them but they're so functional. TY for sharing.
  15. LuigiPeppercorn

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    Vlookups are my life

    Low-key made this so I could write a tiny vlookup
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  16. irthesteve

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    19. Depeche Mode - Black Celebration (1986)
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  17. Fucking Dustin Jan 15, 2019 at 11:56 AM
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    Fucking Dustin

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    Gonna try and do this

    -- = dislike
    - = indifferent
    + = like
    ++ = love
    Bold = favorite listen of month

    Macross 82-99 - Cham! (2015) +
    Super Snake - Leap Of Love (2017) ++
    Nick Hakim - Green Twins (2017) +
    The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships (2018) +
    SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Fashion Statements Of The Socially Aware (2018) -
    Ice Choir - Afar (2012) +
    Perfume - Future Pop (2018) ++
  18. Fucking Dustin

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  19. irthesteve

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    I quite enjoyed it. Have always liked Depeche Mode overall but never really dove into full albums til recently
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  20. Fucking Dustin

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    They're one of my favorite bands and I always forget they're one of my favorite bands until I randomly hear a song and remember "oh yeah they're kinda the best" and binge albums for a month
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  21. Justin Roux

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    8. Thursday - Full Collapse (2001)
    9. Pedro the Lion - Phoenix (2019)
    10. Bright Eyes - Letting Off the Happiness (1998)
    11. The Jon Hill Project - Rebirth (2019)
    12. pronoun - you didn't even make the bed (2018)
    13. pronoun - There's no one new around you. (2016)
  22. lilcrescentmoonemoji

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    new hante. album out tomorrow. get hype this song goes hard. darkwave rises

  23. irthesteve Jan 17, 2019 at 8:20 AM
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    20. Turnstile - Time & Space (2018)
    21. Elvis Costello - King of America (1986)
    22. The Flaming Lips - Hear It Is (1986)
    23. Huey Lewis & The News - Fore! (1986)
    24. G Flip - Drink Too Much (2019)
    25. Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life (2019)
    26. James Blake - Assume Form (2019)
    27. THE FEVER 333 - STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS (2019)
  24. Borat

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    Going to stick to 2019 releases.

    EPs/Splits etc.

    1. Origami Angel/Commander Salamander - Holy Split

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