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    Requiem Laus "The Future" (Official 2019)
  2. irthesteve Apr 19, 2019
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    146. Jade Bird - Jade Bird (2019)
    147. Lizzo - Cuz I Love You (2019)
    148. LSD - Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present... LSD (2019)
    149. Diane Coffee - Internet Arms (2019)
    150. Wild Belle - Everybody One Of A Kind (2019)
    151. Intellexual - Intellexual (2019)
    152. Dave Hause - Kick (2019)
    153. The Flaming Lips - King's Mouth (2019)
    154. Joan Of Arc - A Portable Model Of... (1997)
    155. Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston (1985)
    156. Kevin Abstract - ARIZONA BABY (2019)
    157. John Cougar Mellencamp - Scarecrow (1985)
    158. Rob Thomas - Chip Tooth Smile (2019)
    159. Local Natives - Violet Street (2019)
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    missio - the darker the weather // the better the man
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    My latest update. I hadn't updated the list here since January, so there's a lot of new stuff. (I removed the stuff I already logged from the quote; I'm up to 160. I wish it didn't renumber them, but I've got the automatic numbering going, so I'm not sure if there's a way to fix that. Oh well, my original list retains the right numbers.)

    Anyway, some good stuff here. Lots of stuff I'd recommend (basically anything 8 and above). I've managed to give most of these albums multiple listens instead of just breezing through and forgetting them, which I think has been a major improvement to my listening.

    Mostly caught up on 2019 releases that I've had on my calendar. Not as much in March or April, so within a week or so I should be caught up completely. I need to update the calendar too, because it's kind of empty the rest of the year so far.
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    Barely listened to anything in April. Plenty of releases to catch up on. I was really happy with how good Billie Marten and Loyal Carners second albums turned out.
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    160. Nick Murphy - Run Fast Sleep Naked (2019)
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    April update. Can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. Some good stuff so far, but compared to last year, I haven’t been as impressed as a whole.
  8. Matt Chylak

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    April In Review:
    There were two monster release weeks this month, with a veritable flood of music from both established and debut artists. It's taken me a while to digest it all, and I have a feeling about a third of the albums that I discovered this April are going to be soundtracking my drives to the lake this summer.

    Anderson .Paak came back just in time for summer with the stellar Ventura, a concise and jazz-inflected set that stands out to me as his best work yet. I love how sweaty it feels, with soulful grooves paired with lush West Coast production flourishes literally make the air feel sticky. .Paak is completely in his element here, sounding equally great on the longing croon of "Make It Better" (which could be a lost R&B classic) and breakneck rap scatting on "Winners Circle". Its warmth and inclusivity pairs well with the new Lizzo album, which is the culmination of a two-year path to stardom for the musical polymath. It doesn't seem like an A-side full of dancefloor bangers like "Juice" and "Soulmate" should fit alongside gospel-inflected storysongs ("Jerome") and bedroom come-ons ("Lingerie"), but the diverse set completely works due to her combination of charisma and vocal chops. Lizzo's made so many massive strides in the lead up to this album release, and its confident greatness makes me feel like she can do pretty much anything.

    On the other side of the country, Kristian Matsson (who performs as The Tallest Man On Earth) emerged from a post-divorce sabbatical in Brooklyn with a searching and empathic record. I Love You. It's A Fever Dream. is a the first TMOE album that feels indebted to the constant swirl that comes with being in a big city, trading in a lot of his trademark pastoral imagery for lyrics about running styles and hotel bars. It's a welcome change that strips Matsson bare in his restlessness, as he fittingly appears on his own album cover for the first time after a discography full of landscapes, albeit with a hand obscuring his face.

    A few other albums that I loved this month:
    - Dave's PSYCHODRAMA is my rap AOTY right now, a landmark for grime that I need to spend a LOT more time with
    - Jade Bird's self-titled record is a set of straightforwardly fun jams that often belies how smart her lyrics can be
    - Kevin Abstract's ARIZONA BABY is a melodic, personal project that shows why he's the bleeding heart of Brockhampton
    - Field Medic's fade into the dawn is wickedly funny freak-folk that will absolutely stick in your head if you let it

    I was also completely enthralled by HOMECOMING, the Netflix concert film of Beyoncé's headlining show at Coachella 2018. I remember watching the festival livestream with my girlfriend and being struck by how Bey executed such a deeply conceptual performance while paying off the theatrics that are demanded by a modern pop show. One year later and I still don't think I've seen anything that comes close to its blend of purpose and presentation. The behind-the-scenes interstitials really helped me further appreciate how much intense and specific preparation went into every little choice behind creating this cultural moment. And the editing was SO ON POINT. Holy cow. I've thought about that moment like three times a week for the last month.

    All in all, another great month. I haven't really had that many albums hit me in that "whoa, this is a top 30 album of the decade"-type way yet. I'm basically on pace for listening to the same total number of albums as last year, which means I haven't met my resolution to listen to less albums and let more of them stick. I do wonder if my inability to ignore stuff is causing some of the disconnect. I'll have to figure something out; looking ahead to the first weekend in May and the flood isn't slowing down anytime soon.

    Top 2019 Albums of the Month:
    Anderson .Paak, Dave, The Tallest Man On Earth

    5 Underrated Songs I Discovered this Month:
    Buddy - "Trouble On Central"
    Gus Dapperton - "World Class Cinema"
    박혜진 park hye jin - "ABC"
    Little Simz - "Sherbet Sunset"
    The Tallest Man On Earth - "I Love You. It's A Fever Dream."
  9. The Black Parade

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    1. The Maine- You Are Ok
    2. The Story Changes- To Hell With This Delicate Equation
    3. Bring Me The Horizon- Amo
    4. Sleep In- The Stars On Your Ceiling
    5. Ceres- We Are A Team
    6. Free Throw- Whats Past Is Prologue
    7. The Cranberries- In The End
    8. The Damned Things- High Crimes
    9. Bad Suns- Mystic Truth
    10. Owel- Paris
    11. American Football- LP3
    12. Alice Merton- Mint
    13. Emarosa- Peach Club
    14. Copeland- Blushing
    15. Billie Elish- When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
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  11. irthesteve May 2, 2019
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    161. SOAK - Grim Town (2019)
    162. Vampire Weekend - Father Of The Bride (2019)
    163. Schoolboy Q - CrasH Talk (2019)
    164. The Damned Things - High Crimes (2019)
    165. New Found Glory - From The Screen To Your Stereo 3 (2019)
    166. Josh Ritter - Fever Breaks (2019)
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    18. Aimer - sun dance ++
    19. Aimer - penny rain ++
    20. WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA - yakushima treasure (EP) +
    21. SawanoHiroyuki [nZk] - re/member +
    22. SOAK - grim town +
    23. Catfish and the Bottlemen - the balance +
    24. tricot - repeat (EP) +
    25. Uchu Nekoko - kimi no youni ikiretara ++
  13. GEM37 May 3, 2019
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    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    Have swapped listening to albums at the gym for watching YouTube, so my numbers are waaaaay down this year. Here's every new album I've listened to so far...

    “3 Songs” by Shy Tooth
    “Revision” by Slaves
    "Giggle Fit" by Ron Funches
    “Strength in Numb333rs” by The Fever 333
    “Weezer (The Teal Album)” by Weezer
    “Oliver Appropriate” by Say Anything

    “Halfway There” by Busted
    “Peach Club” by Emarosa
    “Beggars, Priests, Kings” by September Falls
    “Side A” by Wind in Sails
    “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part” Soundtrack
    “Better Oblivion Community Center” by Better Oblivion Community Center
    “Manners” by Passion Pit
    “Head Above Water” by Avril Lavigne
    “Doodie Rancher” by Cootie Catcher
    “Using Sickness as a Hero” by Human Remains
    “amo” by Bring Me the Horizon

    “Weezer (The Black Album)” by Weezer
    “Phantoms” by Marianas Trench
    “Love and Other Crimes” by Masked Intruder
    “Friendville” by Sunrise Skater Kids
    “Awkward and Depressed” by Canadian Softball
    “Crack the Skye” by Mastodon
    “Strange Love” by Simple Creatures
    “You are O.K.” by The Maine

    “Alien Zombies” by Amidst the Grave’s Demons
    “S’only Natural (Nude Mixes)” by hellogoodbye
    “Fight Fair” by Perma
    “Astral Rejection” by I Set My Friends on Fire
    “Astral Rejection (O.G.)” by I Set My Friends on Fire
    “Redux” by Silverstein
    “III” by Masked Intruder
    “Ironiclast” by The Damned Things
    "The Tryforce" by Starbomb
  14. irthesteve May 4, 2019
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    167. St. Lucia - Acoustic Vol 1 (2019)
    168. No Rome - Crying In The Prettiest Places (2019)
    169. Diplo - Higher Ground (2019)
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    Highlights: Local Natives, Kings Kaleidoscope, King Giz, Jade Bird, Tallest Man
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    Better late than never!