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  1. marsupial jones

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    Also it seems like the piece I didn’t see a lot of people talking about with Aho is that he signed that “awful offer sheet” that Montreal gave him. He didn’t have to do that. Allegedly Marner has turned down 2-3 that have been presented, but Aho signed his for Montreal.

    Makes me wonder what Carolina was offering or what he thought they would offer that he signed that (and so quickly too).
  2. cryates

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    I love how NHLN double-lined the additions to make it look more forgiving.
  3. PeacefulOrca

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    No other team probably offered him a chance to get to FA so quickly, canes probably wanted him on a longer deal. That just seems logical, if he waited he may have had less options.
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  4. PeacefulOrca

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    The jets didn't really have a lot of choice on some of those. They had to make sure no one could take Laine and or Conner. They couldn't do that Hayes deal, they weren't gonna give tanev what the pens did, they tried to keep Myers but weren't gonna give him a fu deal, I'm not sure what's up with chiarot tbh and they weren't ever gonna be able to keep trouba.
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  5. White

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    They would've double-lined the subtractions too but they didn't have enough room.
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  6. GraveDigger

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    It was more about term. Carolina was never going to give him five years (makes him a UFA at 25) and were trying to give him the max or a contract that bought up more UFA years. I also doubt they wanted to give him that much bonus money in the first two years & they've been in a pain in the ass to deal with in negotiations. It's a contract they can give out based on their cap situation, though so he probably just wanted a deal done without having to sit in negotiations all summer.
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  7. ClarettsGreyGoose

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    Jets are my #1 trade partner for the Sabres with Ristolainen right now. They really could use the RHD after losing Myers and Trouba. Buffalo has a little bit of cap space where they could afford to take on Mathieu Perreault's $4.125 mil hit for the next two seasons, and have an absolute plethora of bottom/middle 6 guys that could potentially capably replace his role for the Jets.

    Ristolainen, CJ Smith and a pick or something like that, whatever balances it out for Ehlers/Copp/Lowry and Perreault. Gimme gimme gimme
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  8. xbrokendownx Jul 11, 2019
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    how do you propose you do that considering you need to use your own draft picks with the offer sheet? Unless you mean sign one, have WPG match then immediately sign the other one

    you can't sign them both simultaneously unless they are for different compensation amounts
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    I’ll give you all a hint. His name rhymes with Sent Breabrook
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  10. cherrywaves


    While not the worst contract in the league, sometimes I think about how Shea Weber has S E V E N years left on his deal. Insane
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  11. jorbjorb

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    Ya not sure what else Chevy could do in this situation. I'm glad he didn't agree to give the type of contracts Myers, Tanev, Chiarot and Hayes got. The Jets are going to need to stay competitive through the draft so hopefully we stop trading 1st rounders for rentals. This city is trash and we can't expect players to stay long term. I love that Scheifele contract more every day lol. I'm excited to see what Niku will do this year with more ice time and maybe we'll see Heinola in the mix?
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  12. xbrokendownx

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    Parise and Suter still have 6 lol
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  13. jorbjorb

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    I can't read that article but Lucic is on there right?
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  14. xbrokendownx

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    1. Brent Seabrook, CHI
    Contract: $6.875M x five years
    Surplus Value: -$33.2M
    Positive Value Probability: 0.1%

    2. Drew Doughty, LAK
    Contract: $11M x eight years
    Surplus Value: -$55.7M
    Positive Value Probability: 6.1%

    3. Kyle Okposo, BUF
    Contract: $6M x four years
    Surplus Value: -$21.4M
    Positive Value Probability: 2.7%

    4. Marc-Edouard Vlasic, SJS
    Contract: $7M x seven years
    Surplus Value: -$44.7M
    Positive Value Probability: 7.6%

    5. Milan Lucic, EDM
    Contract: $6M x four years
    Surplus Value: -$23.0M
    Positive Value Probability: 6.2%

    6. Mike Matheson, FLA
    Contract: $4.875 x seven years
    Surplus Value: -$21.5M
    Positive Value Probability: 8.3%

    7. Cam Fowler, ANA
    Contract: $6.5M x seven years
    Surplus Value: -$35.4M
    Positive Value Probability: 11.7%

    8. Loui Eriksson, VAN
    Contract: $6M x three years
    Surplus Value: -$17.4M
    Positive Value Probability: 3.6%

    9. Bobby Ryan, OTT
    Contract: $7.25M x three years
    Surplus Value: -$16.7M
    Positive Value Probability: 2.6%

    10. Andrew Ladd, NYI
    Contract: $5.5M x four years
    Surplus Value: -$19.2M
    Positive Value Probability: 8.6%
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  15. xbrokendownx

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    I really disagree with having Doughty and Fowler on there though, especially that high
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  16. jorbjorb

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    I forgot about the Ladd contract lmao fuck that is bad!
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  17. SpookinCups

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    those recapture penalties too X-(
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  18. SpookinCups

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    I was gonna say, why is Fowler on there
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  20. SpookinCups

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  21. xbrokendownx

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    I'd still take Fowler
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  22. PeacefulOrca

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    Not literally at the same time and you'll probably have to give a little more but it's certainly doable
  23. PeacefulOrca

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    Garth snow knows all
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  24. lettersandnumbers


    I think letting most of those players go constitutes a successful offseason for the Jets, especially considering what they signed for elsewhere

    Some of those signings will be in The Athletic's next list of worst contracts in a couple years
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  25. GraveDigger

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    Myers, Chiarot and Tanev were addition by subtraction. Trouba is the tough one but they have been screwing around with him for years and pissed away most of his prime so that was DOA. The worst thing they could have done was deal Ehlers to make room for one of those three like they were rumored to. I would feel better about their defense if they weren't counting so much on Byfuglien (old) & Morrissey (injured) and they seem to think Logan Stanley is good.
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