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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Feb 16, 2019.

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    Steelers stink
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    I'd love to know what Ben was calling out AB for. People like to say he is a bad leader and what not but if AB made a mistake why shouldn't he be called out.
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    I’m fully expecting to see a lot of this in my future.
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  5. Best part of the AB Q&A

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  6. I didn't see it mentioned, but Kap's settlement is between $60-80 million.
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  7. Max_123 Feb 16, 2019
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    @CarpetElf and I have a tentative date planned for next Saturday
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    Rams should trade Goff to the Cards for the #1 pick and some players.
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    Ready for the Jags to fuck up the draft

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    my face if they draft Daniel Jones & Kelvin Harmon like I did though


    Trade down with the Packers. Get both and still have your second round pick in case Dillard, Risner, or Little fall to round 2
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    Leonard Fournette is a hall of famer in my madden league
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    You already know

    Jets 16-0
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    Go Birds.
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    LOL I’m watching a montage of NFL ejections.

    Marcus Peters once got pissed at a call, and took the flag off the turf and threw it into the stands hahaha
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    that was the best
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    I like what the phins have been doing, we'll see in in 2-3yrs
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    link us guy
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    Big Herbert fan, huh?
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    Also has Crabtree / Talib fight - Crabtree definitely started it but Talib came back across the field and punched him in the face with his helmet off

    I definitely remember the Seahawks defense being PUNKS after we beat them in 2017. I was in the stands for that game. Michael Bennett after a kneel-down play, tries to take out Brandon Linder's knees and then Sheldon Richardson punched his helmet.

    Also, AJ Green & Jalen Ramsey lol. Best part of that one is Dante Fowler?? is actually the guy who comes into the scrum CALMLY and helps AJ Green up after he just chokeslammed / punched Ramsey. That is NOT canon lol
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    when I don't "like" posts that refer to me, it's on purpose