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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. incognitojones

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    Yoooooo that’s sick. Peach is very underrepresented, so much better than the ketchup and mustard color schemes.
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  2. aoftbsten

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    I like that peach court a lot

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    Hawks are going to be so fun to watch this year
  4. phaynes12

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    extremely dope
  5. Max_123

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    Bring back the rainbow unis #Nugs
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    Of course smh
  7. chris

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  10. Josh Awesome

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    Lord, the Lakers are testing my faith. :crylaugh:
  11. Owlex

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  12. aoftbsten

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    I was waiting for that photoshop haha
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  14. Joe4th

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    I give it until November for the first Howard meltdown
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  15. incognitojones

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    My Lakers missing the playoffs prediction seems more and more like a lock each day
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  16. We as a thread need to decide incognitos punishment when the Lakers clinch a playoff spot.
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  17. DeathOrGlory

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  18. Dodger

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    As somebody whos rooting for the Lakers cuz I wanna see LeBron win, I’m down with the Dwight decision. It’s was a shitty choice between the three centers. At least with the non gaurentee contract it’s low risk with a potential solid reward. If he gives you a double double off the bench and defensive presence that’s a win as long as he stays healthy. If not and there’s more drama he’s gone. No biggy.

    I think playing with LeBron could be the best thing for him.
  19. He’s not allowed to block Pat or Drew. And they’re both allowed to go buck wild on his ass at any time
  20. marsupial jones

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    Jesus @slowheart

    Not sure any soul deserves that tbh
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  21. incognitojones

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    Can’t wait to quote these posts after the Lakers start off slow, add Carmelo, and then rest Lebron for the year at the all star break when they’re tied for the 11th seed.
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  22. Their schedule up the all star break is very light.
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  23. phaynes12

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    buck wild more like bucks wild more like wild bucks won the finals in six
  24. DrAlanGrant

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    Contribute to bracket threads for the rest of eternity
  25. StepsInADance

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    i dont wanna give too much credit to incognito's oracle thing, but i think the chances that the lakers miss the playoffs are vastly underrated. that team is just so poorly built beyond ad and lebron, any of the two go out with an injury for bit and thats a potential death sentence in the west this year.