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2019-2020 NBA Season Thread Basketball • Page 1397

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jun 26, 2019.

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  1. Bucks get three years of Wiggins before he walks to go to any other franchise, and they get to build around Nico Mannion.

    Rockets get Wiseman and former DPOY Draymond Green to play with Boogie and Wall.
  2. phaynes12

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    huh? what was weird
  3. incognitojones

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    No its not
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  4. Blainer93


    How old are you? You’re a fucking dweeb for even going this route
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  5. phaynes12

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  6. phaynes12

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  7. Realistically, the Bucks have Giannis for this year at least right? I don't know if you trade him even on the off chance that he leaves for nothing. Why blow up that roster which very seriously could be competing for a championship. I think people look at the AD / LeBron Lakers as an unstoppable force but that bubble was basically catered to an old team winning a title because of the rest involved in the middle of the season.

    I think the Bucks trading FOR Harden would be bad, and I think the Bucks trading AWAY Giannis would be bad.

    Rockets will end up with something good for Harden because he's plug and play in most systems. And Philly should 100% give up Simmons to get him.
  8. Blainer93


    Bucks don’t even have picks to give us in a trade. Would have to get a 3rd team involved.
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  9. what would a 3rd team get in return for giving up their picks?
  10. I don't know, it sucks for Houston that Harden is being an asshat but more power to him and the players for being able to do so.

    I just think that Houston should take any offer near the trade deadline and jumpstart the rebuild.
  11. Is Houston even going to want picks? How many of their own do they own?
  12. I agree with this thinking....but isn't there like a line to it? Like, the NBA's player empowerment is a great thing, but I also don't think it should them the ability to behave like this necessarily. Houston bent over backwards for Harden his entire time there.
  13. Yeah but we have to strip it all down to get to 'fair', so 'fair enough' is going to have to do for now.

    Ideally there would be no max contract, no salary cap, no draft, and everyone would have a no trade clause.

    I do think you should play out the contract you signed. Harden can't complain that the moves that blew up in their face (in which I'm SURE he approved) haven't worked out.
  14. Blainer93


    Rockets could direct Khris somewhere is the only thing I can think of.
    Two of our picks and two pick swaps for to OKC lol. That trade our owner and James forced Morey into doing for Russ really screwed shit up.
  15. The beat writer for Charlotte recently mentioned that they'd be willing to be the 3rd team to facilitate a deal. But if us giving up picks is the idea then I don't know if it makes sense. Even though getting Middleton would be pretty fun.
  16. incognitojones

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    Khris Middleton, with a younger player going to the Rockets. Also Brook Lopez, Donte, DJ Wilson, Pat Conaughton, whoever the Bucks have left.

    You'd have to do some wonders to find teams that want those guys in exchange for picks/young players just to get Houston on the phone.

    There's no way Milwaukee has anywhere near the assets to pull a competitive Harden trade, if they ended up with him it'd have to be because they bribed Tilman. Now that's some tampering I want to see.
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  17. tbh, I hated the way Houston pinned shit on Chris Paul so I'll always have a bad taste in my mouth about them. Plus the Texans are such cocky assholes. And the the Astrots. so Houston as a whole is a team I like to poke fun at but all seriousness, that trade SUPER fucked the Rockets and made almost no sense. It wasn't even a good pairing.

    I hope Harden gets traded and I hope the team he loses to just traded for Giannis at the deadline.
  18. Blainer93


    Lots of the Chris Paul stuff was pretty overblown but James and Tilman both felt he was done for and forced Morey to do that trade which I am willing to bet James regrets down the line if he doesn’t win anything. Chris Paul was absolutely amazing last year.
  19. The Bucks just don't make sense. I mean, I suppose they'd sorta be doing what the Heat did initially with their big 3. Just get the 3 guys there and figure the rest out later. But I think they'd be in a slightly worse spot than that Heat team because they'd have basically no assets to work with as far as building a decent group of role players. AND....two of those 3 players only have one year left....the other only has 2 years left. If they pulled off this trade and then things blew up in their face it'd be devastating. The Heat had their big 3 locked up.

    The Heat could probably put together the best package but they don't seem too interested in blowing up the team they've built. On the surface, that seems dumb. Harden, Jimmy, and Bam would be a fantastic trio. But, I get it. They love their players and the chemistry they have developed. I think they'd be more willing to include Herro if it were for a different star player. As great as Harden is, bringing him in can completely change your team. They'd be better but weirdly, I can see why they wouldn't necessarily like it.

    Brooklyn has tons of very good role players and they have picks to package as well. But I don't know if Houston would want that. But this seems like the best option for bringing in a 3rd team.

    And with Philly, it'd pretty much be Simmons for Harden, which I guess is fine lol
  20. incognitojones

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    1 Sabonis and Oladipo for Harden and Tucker please
  21. Warriors can offer Wiggins, Oubre, Minny 1st, plus a couple of their own firsts

    That's no worse than the other packages we've discussed.
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  22. Josh Awesome

    @team_newton Prestigious

    Philly probably has the best offer, imo. Can't really see how the Bucks could even get close to having enough. Not sure why Houston would take Brooklyns offer (even as much as I like their role players). None of those guys are gonna be stars.
  23. incognitojones

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    Atlanta could trade Collins and all their other young guys

    Trae/Harden/Bogdan/Gallo would be fun
  24. Drew Beringer

    @drewberinger Moderator

    Philly easily has the best offer if they include Simmons - no question
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  25. Drew Beringer

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