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2018 Grammy Winners

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 29, 2018.

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  2. bmir14

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    YEAH portugal
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  3. Arry

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    okay i'm still annoyed and i know i shouldn't be because the grammys are dumb. but ed sheeran over kelly clarkson, pink and kesha??? ridiculous. and i was hoping sza would of won something. and i love bruno but i thought the other albums were more deserving. also still annoyed that After Laughter got snubbed. ugh so many feelings about this.
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  4. I've said this elsewhere, but this is probably the most pleased I've ever been with the turnout from the Grammy's. Bruno basically swept the major awards, taking home I think....7 overall? Kendrick swept the rap category with 4 or 5 awards, meanwhile Portugal. the Man got an award, Chris Stapleton got a few, Jason Isbell got a few, and almost every category went to the best contender (in my opinion). Even La La Land won 2 awards out of its 3 nominations!

    People are getting bent out of shape about the awards that Bruno received instead of Kendrick, but I don't get it. Is DAMN. better than 24K Magic? By some measures, yes. But in terms of what's really getting serious radio play, Bruno has seriously measured the bar of what should be expected out of modern pop music.
  5. tyramail

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    Lack of female winners was disappointing, other than that I don’t really care.
  6. Arry

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    i mean, if we're taking radio plays into account, should Despacito win over That's What I Like??
  7. paperlung

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    bruno album doesnt come close to the others in the category, save for maybe jayz

    1. kendrick
    2. lorde/childish
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  8. Kiana

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    Yes. Despacito was extremely influential in bringing Latin music back into mainstream pop
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  9. Who said we're taking radio plays into account, in and of themselves? I said, "Bruno has seriously measured the bar of what should be expected out of modern pop music." This level of exposure comes thanks to the radio play Bruno's music gets, and as good as Kendrick's music is, (and as successful as 2-4 songs have been), it's not going to raise the bar for pop music the way that I think Bruno's album actually will.

    I'm a much bigger fan of Kendrick than Bruno, but I'm also the kind of guy who doesn't think "pop" is a dirty word. In fact, I hated Bruno until he released 24K, which won me over as a fantastic pop album. I have no problems celebrating that.
  10. VanderlyleCrybaby

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    Congratulations to the National for winning Best Alternative Album for Sleep Well Beast! Very much deserved.
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  11. CarpetElf

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    It's funny because for the last three years running they had the highest reviewed album of the year nominated for Album of the Year.
  12. Arry

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    Eh, I don't know. I think you can make the same argument with Kendrick setting the bar for rap. Just his entire package of creative vision, statement in this political climate and lyrics. I do love Bruno, but I just seriously think the other noms were more deserving. In other categories too. I mean, Bruno over SZA in the R&B categories just made me so sad
  13. That's fair enough, and I don't disagree. I would've been happier if Kendrick had won, but I don't want that to diminish how happy I am that Bruno won. And I can't comment on your last statement, I've never listened to SZA.
  14. Spenny


    I like Alessia Cara, but SZA was robbed for Best New Artist, and Kendrick for Album of the Year.

    The Billboard Music Awards already exist to reward commercial success - let's move the Grammys away from always giving the award to what sold the most and focus on fan/critical acclaim.
  15. Arry

    it was all a dream Prestigious

    oh yeah def. Bruno serves the choreo that all modern pop artists need to learn from. I'm more angry at the academy.
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  16. CMilliken


    Happy with some winners. Not happy with others. Won’t lose any sleep over it.
  17. StoJa9


  18. tdlyon

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    I'm a huge Kendrick fan but 4:44 is the better album of the two imo
  19. Guilherme Brandao


    I know it's just a matter of opinion. But I'd say that the Childish Gambino was the best album between the nominees.
    DAMN. is great, but it's not on the same level as Good Kid or To Pimp a Butterfly.
  20. paperlung

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    For some reason I just never could get into jayz. I've tried listening to most his releases, I just don't enjoy them. To each their own! /shrug
  21. AMC


    Why does that matter? Should they pick women winners just to do it even if they don't deserve it?
  22. tyramail

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    No, I think many of the women nominated very much deserved it.