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  1. oncenowagain

    to fall asleep I need white noise to distract me

    Remember that one time Arcade Fire won AOTY and everyone went “of course they won because I heard their number one hit single on the radio five times a day for months on end!”...?
  2. LJ Rime


    I remember mostly for all the uproar about it even though those year's nominees were complete shit in comparison. Lol.
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  3. jlinitz

    John Linitz @jlinitz Supporter

    DAMN. and Melodrama are huge albums for me, I'm excited for both of them. I'd imagine 4:44 and DAMN. split the votes and Lorde takes it but I also don't really know how voting works tbh hahah.

    Imagine if Bruno Mars takes it though? I would be upset. Knowing the Grammy's that's probably what will happen lol
  4. tdlyon

    Pawnee Forever Supporter

    I am fucking ecstatic that Donald got an AOTY nom, I didn't see that coming in a million years. I'm actually really happy with these nominations in general, probably the most I ever have been with the Grammys
  5. Lucas27

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    I would be ecstatic if Melodrama wins. But I'd also be very very happy if Kendrick wins. If it hadn't been competing against 1989 there's no way To Pimp a Butterfly would've missed out on AOTY. Still bitter.

    Childish Gambino is a cool surprise there. Really didn't expect that album to sneak in.

    I'm very very sad that After Laughter isn't on this list in some form or fashion. I'd hoped it would get more attention by now.
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  6. ncarrab


    Actually, the embarrassing part about Arcade Fire winning ALBUM OF THE YEAR was that it didn't even win in its own Alternative Album of the Year category that same night. So....
  7. Terry


    Best of luck to August Burns Red and Iron & Wine!
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  8. Behind the Barricade


    I never really got into the band but I thought it was going to be down to them and Nothing More in the Rock category. Both of those bands have really gotten bigger after their latest albums. Now NM is up against 2 all time greats that recently passed away and that Dave Grohl fellow haha.
  9. Amber


    I’m here for Kendrick and SZA taking over. Those were, in my opinion, the BEST albums this year.