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2018-2019 NCAA Football Season Thread Football • Page 2

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by CarpetElf, May 25, 2018.

  1. Night Channels


    Clemson and Michigan are both very strong contenders on paper.

    Alabama is the standard but I’m hoping for some parody this year.

    I will be shocked if anyone from the PAC 12 makes the playoff.
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  2. Garrett

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    Curious if he’s gonna try to kill checker neyland, too.
  3. PeacefulOrca

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    I'll be interested to see how harbaugh deals with Patterson, definitely the best qb he's had so far but I don't think he'll differ too much from his usual style either. I think the big 10 is still going to be really good so you can't really just give it to OSU like you used to, there's at least 5 teams who could win it and some will lose to one another. Clemson could be even better than last year so you're probably right about that but if they match up with one of the two teams from the championship from last year could Kelly Bryant beat them?

    Bama with a qb like tua seems destined to be even better.

    There's almost no way anyone from the PAC 12 makes the playoffs unless almost all the big teams totally shit themselves and someone goes undefeated but even then I'd be really surprised.
  4. Night Channels


    Trevor Lawrence will most likely take over for Bryant at some point.

    I think he’ll make more mistakes than we’re used to seeing from Alabama QBs.

    Malzahn is close with Auburn. LSU is also going to be very good defensively.
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  5. Clemson’s defensive line will wreck everyone.
  6. PeacefulOrca

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    My question with auburn is more about replacing most of their OL and their running game without both backs from last year but their D should be good
  7. cwhit

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  8. bigmike

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    How do you have the time to scout draft eligible players with your ULL responsibilities?
  9. Night Channels


    Summers are easy. I don’t have to be around for S&C. In the summers, we’re usually done by 2PM and I’m usually home by 6PM.

    15 hour or longer days start closer to August.

    I can justify spending way more time watching offensive prospects because it’s always a learning opportunity. I steal and/or borrow from a lot of concepts that I see.
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  10. xkj1985x May 30, 2018
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    Me thinking about how this is the last year of eligibility for Jake Browning.

  11. cryates

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  12. Night Channels


    A lot of really good tight end prospects will be coming from the PAC 12 this season.
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  13. PeacefulOrca

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  14. CarpetElf

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    I'm very excited to watch Buffalo this year haha.
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    Something I never thought I'd see people say, but they have three really intriguing prospects this season.
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  17. PeacefulOrca

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    Caleb Wilson kaden smith Tyler petite possibly jake Breeland

    Not relevant to PAC 12 but I keep seeing Noah fant as the no.1 TE, guess I haven't seen enough Iowa games
  18. Night Channels


    Wilson, Smith, and Petite are part of my rankings on the first page of this thread.

    Fant is easily my #1 TE. He's an elite prospect at the position as a blocker and as a receiver.
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  19. CarpetElf

    douglas Prestigious

    Yeah that Iowa tight end is Fantastic
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  20. Night Channels


    Fant might end up being a Top 5 prospect in the draft. Right now, he's the best skill position player for me.
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  21. PeacefulOrca

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    Iowa is definitely a team to watch, I'll have to go out of my way to watch Kirk ferrets next season
  22. Night Channels


    They're good on paper, especially on defense.

    I like Nathan Stanley and he could really benefit from the weak QB class. I just want to see some better accuracy from him this season.
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  23. bigmike

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    I feel like Ed Oliver has been at Houston for 15 years already. Dude's a monster.
  24. xkj1985x

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    Washington could very well put three more secondary guys in the NFL early next year (thinking first three rounds) with one likely surefire first rounder assuming he stays healthy.

    Pretty cool seeing the development of this particular Husky staff (namely Jimmy Lake) and what he’s doing for his recruits.
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  25. Night Channels



    Justin Herbert - Oregon
    Will Grier - West Virginia
    Tyree Jackson - Buffalo
    Jake Bentley - South Carolina
    KJ Costello - Stanford

    Running Back

    Devin Singletary - Florida Atlantic
    David Montgomery - Iowa State
    Rodney Anderson - Oklahoma
    Bryce Love - Stanford
    Benny Snell Jr - Kentucky


    Collin Johnson - Texas
    N'Keal Harry - Arizona State
    Deebo Samuel - South Carolina
    AJ Brown - Ole Miss
    Anthony Johnson - Buffalo

    Tight End

    Noah Fant - Iowa
    Caleb Wilson - UCLA
    Tommy Sweeney - Boston College
    Tyler Petite - USC
    Kaden Smith - Stanford


    Updated with RB and TE. OL up next.
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