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2018-2019 NCAA Football Season Thread Football • Page 110

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by CarpetElf, May 25, 2018.

  1. CarpetElf

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  2. stars143


    I'd just like to point out I won the Chorus Bowl Pick Em, by a whopping 2 points. What's my prize? Likes on this post?
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  3. DooDooBird


    Clemson coaching staff: “We’ve got some blitz packages and new looks ready to rattle Tua a bit.”

    Bama coaching staff: “We’ve got a fake FG play ready just in case things gets dicey.”
  4. It’ll be interesting to see if any teams can challenge Bama or Clemson next season. Another rematch is likely but I think Washington is the team that could step up. They’ll finally have a great QB to go with their great defense and elite coach.
  5. domotime2

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    i always make the championship game the biggest points (to make it more interesting). I was in the lead going into the game last night and was mega mega confident albaama was going to win

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  6. Fucking Dustin Pokemon Draft League S2 Champion Prestigious

    I should've left Texas vs Georgia as my biggest points option dammit

    I would've still lost but still
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  7. domotime2 Jan 8, 2019
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    It's an Albany Expression Prestigious

    looking at the picks, kinda funny to see the only games we all agreed on was Bama over Oklahoma (understandable)... and cincy over va tech. That's an odd one but i'm glad we all understood the hokies were bad this year

    oh and App state over MTSU (App State now 4-0 in bowls)
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  8. domotime2

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    also MAC continues to fucking suck at bowls. 7th straight year of going under .500 and now they're 2-15 in the past three years. yikes. CUSA/Sun Belt continue to be sneaky good.

    Also another year where the trend of the SEC being just average in bowls continues.
  9. DooDooBird


    I still can't wrap my head around that shitshow I watched last night. Like holy shit I can't believe that happened. Too much rat poison or something.
  10. Night Channels


    We don't know if Jacob Eason will be great or not yet...
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  11. Garrett

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  12. xbrokendownx

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  13. xkj1985x

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    Sure but he's going to be 100000000000x better than Jake Browning ever was. Eason looked the part (albeit inconsistently) in the SEC. He should eat in the Pac-12.

    Anyways, if UW takes a step back this next season it won't be because of Eason. They're replacing 10 of 11 starters on defense.

    Their schedule is highly favorable though so I think they'll be fine.
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  14. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Eason also couldn’t get the starting job back from Jake “Adequate QB” Fromm

    The last time a hyped QB who looked the part of an NFL QB couldn’t get the starting job from an adequate UGA QB and transferred, it was Zach Mettenberger and that one didn’t work out so great
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  15. xkj1985x

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    lol fuck Jake Browning, man.

    2015 (True Frosh): 63.1 Completion %, 2955 Yards, 16TD/10INT
    2016: 62.1 Completion %, 3430 Yards, 43TD/9INT (Thanks John Ross/Dante Pettis)
    2017: 68.5 Completion %, 2719 Yards, 19TD/5INT
    2018: 64.9 Completion %, 3192 Yards, 16TD/10INT

    DOG. SHIT.

    Go sell insurance.
  16. CarpetElf

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    That's the best qb LSU has had in over a decade
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  17. xkj1985x

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    I don't pay attention to the SEC like I do the Pac-12 but wasn't Georgia playing really good ball with Fromm when Eason was deemed healthy enough to play? I don't think it was that he wasn't capable of taking the job but rather them rolling with the hot hand.

    I dunno, Chris Petersen has NEVER had a QB like Jacob Eason in his entire coaching career and he's made scrubs like Kellen Moore, Jared Zabransky, and Jake Browning look like capable QBs at times.

    I like my chances here. I've watched a QB for the past four years who couldn't throw anything over 25 yards without having to float the ball like an underhand softball pitch....I'm optimistic.
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  18. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    How do you get so many good WRs to go there when the QBs are so bad
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  19. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    Eason hurt his knee and Fromm came in and then Georgia went on a tear, it's hard to rationalize a switch back after that, I don't think that had much to do With Eason
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  20. xkj1985x

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    I knew UW had zero shot against Alabama a few years ago but I will remind everyone that the UW defense had them in that game as it was 10-7 right before half before Jake Browning had one of his many "shit your pants" moments and threw that horrible backpedaling Pick 6 to Ryan Anderson (any QB with a brain throws that ball away). Outside of a couple of Bo Scarbrough runs (including the long one in the 4th)---UW should have been right in that game if they had a QB who wasn't complete and total dog shit.

    God I hate him.
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  21. CarpetElf

    Chorus Pokemon Draft League Between S2 & S3 Champ Prestigious

    How do we get so many good players and never a qb
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  22. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    I haven’t commented on this yet but I’m fine with it from a UGA perspective

    Chaney is a fine OC, but I’m also not sad to see him leave
  23. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    If Eason is as good as advertised, no it isn’t.

    You say “Eason is our unquestioned starter and Jake did a great job filling in for him” and then plug Eason back in. If you think Eason is a special QB, you have faith that he’ll continue the team’s good performance.

    UGA was rolling, but Fromm wasn’t doing so much that he forced the coaches’ hands. It was just that he didn’t lose them games and the team around him performed well, which IMO isn’t enough to win a job outright. I was very pro-Eason coming back in that year and the fact that he never won the job back (and that Eason was dreadful whenever he entered for mop up duty) told me that this coaching staff didn’t believe in Eason to be the guy here.

    Jury’s still out on whether this staff is any good at developing QBs or making that decision, though. I’m very interested to see how Eason and Fields do next year in a different offense, especially compared to Fromm
  24. xkj1985x Jan 10, 2019
    (Last edited: Jan 10, 2019)

    Starter Hart Prestigious

    If Fromm is...well you make him out to be average and someone that beat out Eason---what is your opinion on Fields?

    Maybe I'm misinterpreting here but I am guessing you aren't high on Eason or Fields then since neither were able to take the job from Fromm?

    I am ecstatic to see Eason in the UW offense. Things are looking up for UW at QB FINALLY and I couldn't be more excited.

    Eason in 2019 then they'll have two RS-Sophmore kids who were high 4* each in 2020 and then in 2021 they currently have what is projected to be the #1 QB in the country committed (who is a UW legacy). If UW can finally put a consistent performer behind center, this team could be ready to take that "next step" (i.e. actually WINNING a NY6/Playoff game).

    Most (all?) of you here haven't watched Jake Browning outside of the national stage...imagine watching that for four years straight. Anything is an upgrade right now.
  25. whitenblue88 Jan 10, 2019
    (Last edited: Jan 10, 2019)

    The rivalry is back on

    I’m ... unsure

    Those posts definitely sell Fromm short. He’s not bad, or even average. Outside of Tua, I don’t think there is an SEC QB I would take over Fromm. Maybe Lock or Bentley could do more with UGA’s weapons? But I’d struggle to find 10 NCAA QBs I like more than Fromm. I also struggle to imagine a scenario where Fromm is a Heisman candidate in the next 2 years.

    But then I see what guys like Trevor Lawrence and Tua do, coming in and winning a job from a very solid established QB and leaving no question that they’re THE guy. Eason and Fields were both billed to be that kind of guy. Fromm was not, and hasn’t really proven to be that kind of guy in his couple years of starting. The fact that they didn’t beat Fromm out makes me think they aren’t actually that kind of guy. So, in that sense, I’m not high on either.

    In terms of being at least a pretty good starting QB for a far above average NCAA team that isn’t an Alabama or a Clemson, yeah, not beating out Fromm isn’t a huge indictment on them.
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