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2018-2019 NCAA Football Season Thread Football

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by CarpetElf, May 25, 2018.

  1. CarpetElf May 25, 2018
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  2. shea

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    Go Yellow Jackets, I guess. Whatever.
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  3. Garrett

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    Go Vols. Sigh.
  4. CarpetElf

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  5. FTank

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  6. primavera

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    on wisconsin
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  7. CarpetElf

    douglas Prestigious

    @Night Channels get in here and post some stuff and things about people
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  8. Night Channels


    I'm on vacation this weekend. I'll have some stuff next week or so.
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  9. CarpetElf

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    who said you could take a vacation from us?
  10. Night Channels May 29, 2018
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    Night Channels



    Justin Herbert - Oregon
    Will Grier - West Virginia
    Tyree Jackson - Buffalo
    Jake Bentley - South Carolina
    KJ Costello - Stanford

    Running Back

    Devin Singletary - Florida Atlantic
    David Montgomery - Iowa State
    Rodney Anderson - Oklahoma
    Bryce Love - Stanford
    Benny Snell Jr - Kentucky


    Collin Johnson - Texas
    N'Keal Harry - Arizona State
    Deebo Samuel - South Carolina
    AJ Brown - Ole Miss
    Anthony Johnson - Buffalo

    Tight End

    Noah Fant - Iowa
    Caleb Wilson - UCLA
    Tommy Sweeney - Boston College
    Tyler Petite - USC
    Kaden Smith - Stanford

    Offensive Tackle

    Max Scharping - Northern Illinois
    Greg Little - Ole Miss
    Jonah Williams - Alabama
    Trey Adams - Washington
    David Edwards - Wisconsin


    Updated with Top 5 OTs. IOL up next.
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  11. bigmike

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    Distinct lack of Western Michigan Broncos on your list, @Night Channels
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  12. Night Channels


    Sam Beal is one of my favorite mid-major prospects. I probably won't get around to watching DBs for a while though.

    Working slowly but surely on preseason offense for now.
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  13. Night Channels


    Ohio is going to be a dangerous mid-major team. Nathan Rourke is one of the best dual threats in the country.

    Fresno State should be very good again too.
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  14. xkj1985x

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    Little confused on the Justin Herbert love. Not just because Night Channels posted it but just in general.

    He puts up some fancy numbers against poor opponents. When he plays against upper level competition, he typically plays well in the first half and then adjustments happen and he struggles going forward. This will be a big time year for him, for sure.

    Good thing for him is most of his tough games this year are in Eugene. Toughest one he has to travel for is to Salt Lake City.
  15. bigmike

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    Beal I like a lot. Justin Tranquill I also like, he's got all the athleticism but a history of blowing out his knee. Really hoping he gets a full year healthy. He was apart of the last class I covered for Rivals and talking to him he is a kid who came straight into the WMU locker room as a freshman and commanded respect. He'd make a great coach if his legs don't hold up. Voted on the leadership counsel by his teammates as a freshman.

    I'll be interested in your thoughts on John Keenoy. I think he's got the talents to grind his way to the next level at center or guard.

    WMU's RB stable should be great. Bogan getting the lion's share of the carries but I'm excited to see Matt Falcon. Was a Wolverine commit until he got hurt and then fell into Fleck's lap.
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  16. Night Channels


    He's up top because the QB class is piping hot garbage.

    I posted my initial QB rankings in the NFL thread with some actual reasoning. Shea Patterson will likely overtake all of these guys, but I didn't feel there was enough footage of him playing to give him that spot just yet.
  17. xkj1985x

    Go Dawgs! Prestigious

    Makes sense. Yeah, the QB class is looking pretty foul this year. I enjoy watching Herbert play, I just haven't seen him consistently do it against top competition. He was hurt for the big games last year but just from the sample size you have, it's not good against the better Pac-12 squads.
  18. Night Channels


    Haven't checked out OL much at all.

    I do know that Keenoy is probably the second best OL in the MAC behind Max Scharping. Experienced centers are rare these days.
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  19. xkj1985x

    Go Dawgs! Prestigious

    Gross. Just was looking at the Oregon schedule and they open up at home the first four weeks of the season with Bowling Green, Portland State, San Jose State, and then enter Pac-12 play with Stanford coming in. Herbert is going to look all world going into that one.
  20. Night Channels


    San Jose State is easily one of the worst teams in the FBS. That program is a complete trainwreck.
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  21. CarpetElf

    douglas Prestigious

    I hope Fitzgerald develops as a passer this year. Dude can be very fun to watch but also very frustrating at times.

    @Night Channels any good resources I can use for research?
  22. PeacefulOrca

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    I did some research and Herbert didn't even play against a lot of the "good" teams in the PAC 12 last year. Granted, if he did he would've looked average cause half his receivers are practically walk ons and are somehow even worse this year. I could see why scouts like him physically but it's definitely partially a product of the bad qb class. It'll be something if he looks like complete shit this coming season.

    An NFL team should just trade a 1st for foles now before it's too late.

    Im also really curious to see if we get Georgia Bama in the final again, both teams are still really good.
  23. cryates

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    I’m only just now seeing that Pruitt has removed the smokey grey uniforms :eh:

    I get it though
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  24. Night Channels


    For my personal research, I talk to some friends and some guys in college football that can point me in the right direction.

    Draft Breakdown was excellent but I’m not sure if they are still around. I have access to pretty much whatever games I want through some programs we use at ULL - it’s basically like having an unlimited college football DVR.

    I always try to get draft eligible players ranked months before the season so I can start to take notes on the underclassmen.

    There’s nothing wrong with initia box score scouting because you can find some potential standouts that way, but gaudy stats don’t mean their games will translate (which I’m sure you know). It’s just an easier way to find certain players that may be under the radar due to lack of exposure.
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  25. CarpetElf

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    You hiring?
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