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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Melody Bot, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. xbrokendownx

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    this Nova-St. John's game is good
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  3. dotKev

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    I know no one probably gives a shit but Rutgers just upset Ohio State (!).

    Carry on.
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  4. xbrokendownx

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    What the hell just happened in the Marquette Creighton game
  5. williek311

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    WVU is beyond frustrating.
  6. Drew Beringer

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    Markus Howard the type of player that can ignite an Elite 8 run in March
  7. Drew Beringer

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    2018-2019 Markus Howard > 2017-2018 Trae Young
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  9. xbrokendownx

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    Gonna look good in blue and orange next year
  10. Good test for Duke here!

  11. This is so true.
  12. Zion’s passing is somehow underrated.
  13. Cmoney86


    I can not stand dick vitale his voice is so annoying but this game is crazy
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  15. Hmm. So is he not coming back?


    Not good.
  16. It’s the Wild West out here now. My god get control of the game Ted Valentine.
  17. is this a big east game in 1999? jesus.
  18. I miss Zion. But I’m here for Cam getting hot.
  19. (I love the Jones brothers so much.)
  20. lol ok
  21. Unreal bad officiating. Lol. That was so clearly off FSU.
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  22. slimfenix182

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    Can the last 3 seconds not take 15 minutes thanks
  23. This is embarrassing. My god.
  24. xbrokendownx

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