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2018-2019 NBA Season Thread [Archived] Basketball • Page 1366

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by y2jayjk, Jun 21, 2018.

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  1. scottlechowicz

    Trusted Supporter

    No to the tournament stuff. But a strong yes to a reduction in regular season games.
  2. chris

    Trusted Supporter

    fewer games for sure, don't care about a mid season tourney, but could be cool
  3. Owlex

    free snewt Prestigious

    I’m not really sure how they’d figure out a mid season tournament or make it interesting, but I’m not opposed to it
  4. They need to make some kind of incentive other than a trophy.
  5. Owlex

    free snewt Prestigious

    It could be fun with some weird rules or something. Make it a 3v3 tournament, players on rookie contracts, no three point line? Idk
  6. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    if the celtics lose out on kemba and make an offer on brogdon the bucks can’t match a) fuck them b) it’s gonna be really hard to cut him out of my life
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  7. EntryLevelDave

    "I Would Do Anything For Love" Slaps. Supporter

    Eh...I don't see them putting an offer on the table for Brogdon that the bucks won't match. They don't have the cap space to max out a guy like Brogdon like some other teams may.
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  8. dallasc


    As a fan of a team that never makes the playoffs I really really do not like less games
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  9. As a fan of less injuries so I can watch the players play the game I really really do.
  10. Melody Bot

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Thread Status:
This thread is locked and not open for further replies.