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2018-2019 NBA Season Thread [Archived] Basketball

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by y2jayjk, Jun 21, 2018.

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  1. y2jayjk

    Trusted Prestigious

    Well that offseason was quick.

    Let's draft!
  2. EntryLevelTank

    "Draft Day" is a good film Supporter

    And we're here
  3. Melody Bot

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  4. When the Warriors win again this year I'll have this post made in June of 2018 to be like "see I told you the NBA was predictable now."
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  5. New New has been enforced. It is time
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  6. incognitojones

    Some Freak Supporter

    I predicted the warriors winning next year like three years ago for the record

    My wolves prediction isn’t looking as good. Gonna need to see some jumps.
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  7. GreatBeardRecs

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  8. scottlechowicz

    Trusted Supporter

    Bulls gonna be bad again.

    Hopefully we can add another Duke player to go with WCJ in next year’s draft.
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  9. Blainer93

    Prestigious Supporter

    Who’s everyone’s early Rookie of the Year prediction?
  10. Bagley.
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  11. scottlechowicz

    Trusted Supporter

    I think Doncic is in the best position considering his past production, he will have the ball in his hands a lot, and he will probably play a lot.
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  12. Also I’d say Trae Young. He’s gonna get to shoot a lotttttt. Won’t have pretty percentages but I can see him scoring quite a bit
  13. Get Barrett and then I’ll be a Bulls fan.
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  14. PeacefulOrca

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Idk how they're gonna be worse since I think carter is gonna help them right away
  15. scottlechowicz

    Trusted Supporter

    They won 11 games because Niko exploded, won a lot of really close games, which you expect to not be the case again, and fewer teams will be actively tanking to feast on.

    I expect the same or fewer wins from the Bulls.
  16. PeacefulOrca

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Okay, fair but the lottery rules change next season so maybe that'll make it harder
  17. aoftbsten

    Trusted Supporter

    Go Bulls, let's do this for RJ Barrett!
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  18. aoftbsten

    Trusted Supporter

    Also, NBA twitter is incredible:
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  19. scottlechowicz

    Trusted Supporter

    I just have very little faith in the Bulls org.

    And I am also pretty low on LaVine. Although I was encouraged by Nick Fridell’s report that the Bulls are going to force LaVine to get an offer and then they will decide if they will match. I was concerned the Bulls would overpay to save some face after the Butler trade.

    Anyway, we will see!

    Edit: That’s my Bulls!

  20. Max_123

    Nope. Prestigious

    Nuggets land Bron, win championship
    Repeat next year

    Let's go
  21. aoftbsten

    Trusted Supporter

    They also thought it would be better to trade away a contributor on a championship team for $3.5 million in cash. So who knows.

    I like LaVine overall, he was fine last year for a guy coming off an ACL, but I definitely don't want to pay a huge salary when he hasn't shown that he deserves it.
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  22. Blainer93

    Prestigious Supporter

    Free agency is gonna be strange with some of these contracts
  23. DeathOrGlory

    Just a friendly reminder

    We're #1! Out by #2! We're #1! Out by #2!
  24. Max_123

    Nope. Prestigious

    Not the Will we wanted
  25. primavera

    big baller brand Supporter

    Bud’s Bucks winning the first playoff series for the franchise in 18 years, heard it here first.
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