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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by y2jayjk, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. y2jayjk

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    The 2017–18 NBA season will be the 72nd season of the National Basketball Association.

    The regular season will begin on October 17, 2017, with the 2017 NBA champion Golden State Warriors hosting a game against an opponent to be named at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

    The entire schedule will be released in August 2017.
  2. aoftbsten

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    Looking at the Bulls offseason and upcoming season like this:
  3. y2jayjk

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    You're gonna love Zach though. I do miss him even if it was for Jimmy.
  4. aoftbsten

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    I'm excited for Zach, but that's about it. Not sure if he'll even play this season though.
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  5. Whatjuliansaid

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    I am sad.
  6. Blimp City Hero

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    Fuck Golden State and [Insert Where Kyrie Ends Up Here].
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  7. GrantCloud

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  8. y2jayjk

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  9. aoftbsten

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    Gonna have to get my tickets for the annual Bulls blow it at the Pepsi center game. Nov. 30th. Can't wait.
  10. Joe4th

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    I'm excited to watch Bradley on the Pistons this year.

    Hope Reggie can return to form and Drummond can get it together.
  11. williek311

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    Go cavs...:sly:
  12. MyBestFiend

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    Should be another fun few months of Golden State dominance and another NY lottery bound season. Woot woot
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  14. incognitojones

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    Sub, congrats to the Warriors winning again over a (bold prediction) team that isn't Lebron or Boston
  15. Drew Beringer

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    Fear the Deer

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  16. Owlex

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    Congrats to James Jones and the Phoenix Suns, 2018 NBA champs
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  17. Whatjuliansaid

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  18. aoftbsten

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    The first dunk in this video is still my favorite Giannis highlight. Highlight truthers, don't @ me.
  19. Snewt

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    Hello friends. I'm ready for John "The Baptist" Collins to attempt to posterize half the NBA. Lonzo especially.
  20. just to make myself feel a little better

  21. marsupial jones

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    I really don't wanna hear a damn thing about James staying or leaving unless it's definitive. There's soooooo much time between now and the end of the season it's crazy how much this is already a topic.
  22. marsupial jones

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    My guess is either Washington or Milwaukee.
  23. Whatjuliansaid

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    Pretty sure he's leaving until they win a title
  24. incognitojones

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    Washington would be my pick for a surprisingly strong season
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  25. EntryLevelDave

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    And here we are.
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