2016: The Year Movies Sang

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    Nathan Hall, writing on Medium, about the relationship between movies and music in 2016:

    Sing Street is another film about a band, focused more on the actual lifestyle and artistic side than the killing skinheads aspect. It’s one of the most beautiful distillations of what draws us to music, what it means to us to hear things expressed musically in a way we’ve never felt before, and the development of one’s own expression through the same medium. Ferdia Welsh-Peelo plays Conor, a young teen whose parents are fighting and whose brother is a burnout and who just had to enroll in a new school where the headmaster would rather you didn’t wear shoes at all if you don’t have the dress-code approved black ones. Amidst this angst, there’s the music.

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    And the article doesn't even make mention of La La Land! Interesting.
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    Thanks for posting this! I've been wanting to check out several of these... Green Room seems fascinating.
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    Green Room was amazing. La La Land looks amazing. Been on the fence about The Get Down since I don't have as much free time for shows anymore and I've read mixed reviews, but maybe I'll give it a watch. Not surprised at all that the author didn't touch on Vinyl or Roadies though. Good God, Lemon.
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    Completely forgot about it, haha.
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    Yeah I'm really bummed I missed both Green Room and Sing Street when they were in theaters close to me.
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  8. Chase Tremaine

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    Oh, you wrote this? Solid job! Florence Foster Jenkins is really entertaining, if you get a chance to see it soon.
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