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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by dylan, May 12, 2019.

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    If you don’t take them too seriously (which you shouldn’t) they’re fun. And you can actually meet someone significant even if you’re using them casually.
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    My gf goes away for two weeks at a time so I have a solid two week play time then two weeks off when she’s back. It’s like having withdrawal symptoms every two weeks
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    What was your reaction/where did the conversation go after that?
  5. colorlesscliche

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    With a comment like that, there's no relationship there anymore. Do you have family nearby either you or her can go to while you figure out next steps?
  6. colorlesscliche

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    I'd recommend NOT agreeing to anything until you meet with lawyers. She doesn't deserve to be bought out, you should figure out what the legal system suggests and do what's in your best interest. If you make more than her, child support will definitely be an issue, so you don't want to agree to buy her out of the house, and then be hit with that down the road as well. Definitely keep track of any texts, conversations, etc. that will be in your favor if things get ugly down the road.

    This situation sucks man, I've been through and it's no good.
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  7. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    It would probably be more traumatic if his parents live together but can't talk to each other
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    After that comment I don’t think you can come back from that, you’ll have to spend some time a part I feel to gather yourself and figure out what each one of you want long term. If you are considering working on the relationship anyways.
  9. GrantCloud

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    Also I think you can still be good parents even if you are separated, but staying together forcing the relationship while exposing the child to a potentially toxic relationship seems like not a great idea either.
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    i went on 2 dates in a day 2 weeks ago. both went well and have continued to go well.

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    Threesome, who says no?
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    You’re the other gal???
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    Chase should do it, unlike someone else we know who I won’t mention
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    Milwaukee thing??
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    No way to know for sure
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    It's 2019 I'm the only one who isn't poly
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    We will need proof for verification purposes, thanks chase
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    Best of luck with that man
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  22. marsupial jones

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    there are a few moments in my life where i am slicker than goose shit. the below story from early this week is one of those...

    met a woman while out for a run, as we've seen each other running seemingly every day for a week and after passing her 3 times on one run we finally stop and chat for a bit about our mileage and times or whatnot.

    then i say we should do some runs together.

    she agrees.

    then she says "or should we get something to eat?"

    i say, "well let's do both. let's get brunch. it's food and run is right there in the middle of the word."

    as i was saying it i was 50/50 on if she would just scoff and walk away shaking her head, but she understood how fantastic of a line that was (OBVIOUSLY) B-)
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    Is it a sign that the shirt I was wearing when we made this arrangement was this same shade of yellow.