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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by dylan, May 12, 2019.

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    I guess this is in the wrong thread but whatever. But I would like to point out that the idea never once crossed my mind until sinner @dadbolt said that’s what it sounded like
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    Kinda just sounds like you’re a coward.

    jk buddy
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    Ayyy at least im going!

    As much as I don’t want to :/

    Welp. I’m off work now. Lez go
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    keep my name out yo bitch ass mouth
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    Please don’t use gendered slurs please
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    Yeah so last night ended being fun, except for the fact that I spent $21 dollars on a god damn burger at some restaurant in downtown Disney. We ended up talking there until like 11ish and then we went back to the hotel and the three of us talked until like 2:30 in the morning. We didn’t go to the pool cause her friend had just gotten a tattoo that morning and that’s a big no no. Maybe I’m oblivious, but in my opinion there were no signs that she is into me. Not that I really did until Derek and Dylan were like devils on both of my shoulders putting ideas into my head.

    We were all talking about dating and shit and I was telling her about how I got ghosted and she was like, “oh my god! Who would ever ghost you!? You’re such a sweet guy!” Which to me doesn’t sound like someone who is really into me in that way. But honestly, I’m sorta relieved. She’s really cool and her friend was really rad too and I am very ok with the idea of us just being good friends.
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    It is so hard to juggle being in a long distance relationship but not liking to talk on the phone

    I've been calling her almost daily but by the end of the convo i feel so anxious and drained

    Can't wait till she moves up here with me
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    C O W A R D
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    Update: I reached out after 2 weeks. Ghosted. *shrug*

    Made the smarter move to go on a date with someone closer in age, hit it off, texting constantly. Just gotta wait for her to get back from Bonnaroo for date 2.
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    Made a video about a budding relationship
  13. was supposed to go on a kind of date tonight but my stomach has decided to be a demon and reject everything I put in it
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    9th wheeling at this cookout good times good times
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    Maybe they're into that?
  16. Zion the Lion pt 2


    I've skimmed this thread for like 4 minutes so far and just wanted to say that it's nice to see how many people from the 2009 days have grown out of the "nice guy/girl" mentality.
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    Holy fuck
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  19. Zion the Lion pt 2


    This is one of those awkward moments when you return to the high school you dropped out of 12 or 13 years earlier.
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    What’s new?

    I was Bloodsucker II back on AP. I didn’t post too much then and now I’m a dog.
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    Oh thank god. I didn't want to seem rude but you definitely didn't ring a bell with the current name. And to answer your question: I'm pretty sure it's been 7 years, so a lot has been new in my life. I got incredibly bored, found this today and thought "why not?"
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    Ahhhhh is this rly Zion? R u all gonna apologize for being a douche to them and bullying them on AP? If there are that many ppl from AP still even on here lol
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    I think I made fun of @Zion the Lion pt 2 a lot on absolutepunk, and if my memory is correct I want to apologize; I was a miserable shit head. I’m so sorry.
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    Yeah I will. I was a prick to so many people on AP. I feel miserable about it a lot on this website.
  25. Zion the Lion pt 2


    Idk, you're still here, so...
    I'm a woman, you can use feminine pronouns, I actually prefer them. I thought it was widely accepted that I was/am a woman, it's a little bit weird that you called me "them"