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1973 in music.

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by phaynes12, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. phaynes12

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    David Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars won 1972. Let's see who wins 1973.

    Billboard chart-topping albums of 1973:
    The Moody Blues - Seventh Sojourn (cont. from 1972)
    Carly Simon - No Secrets
    War - The World is a Ghetto
    Elton John - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only a Piano Player
    Eric Weissberg - Dueling Banjos
    Diana Ross - Lady Sings the Blues
    Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
    Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
    Elvis - Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite
    Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy
    Wings - Red Rose Speedway
    George Harrison - Living in the Material World
    Chicago - VI
    Jethro Tull - A Passion Play
    The Allman Brothers Band - Brothers and Sisters
    The Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup
    Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Billboard chart-topping singles of 1973:
    Carly Simon - You're So Vain
    Stevie Wonder - Superstition
    Elton John - Crocodile Rock
    Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly With His Song
    The O'Jays - Love Train
    Vicki Lawrence - The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
    Dawn - Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree
    Stevie Wonder - You are the Sunshine of My Life
    The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein
    Wings - My Love
    George Harrison - Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)
    Billy Preston - Will It Go Around in Circles
    Jim Croce - Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
    Maureen McGovern - The Morning After
    Diana Ross - Touch Me in the Morning
    Stories - Brother Louie
    Marvin Gaye - Let's Get it On
    Helen Reddy - Delta Dawn
    Grand Funk - We're An American Band
    Cher - Half-Breed
    The Rolling Stones - Angie
    Gladys Knight - Midnight Train to Georgia
    Eddie Kendricks - Keep on Trucking
    Ringo Starr - Photograph
    The Carpenters - Top of the World
    Charlie Rich - The Most Beautiful Girl
    Jim Croce - Time in a Bottle

    What are your top three albums for 1973? We will keep a running tally and eventually have some sort of bracket. For me it would be:

    1. The Stooges - Raw Power
    2. Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy
    3. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

    What are some of the forgotten gems from the year? What is overrated? What did you discover at a young age and what did you discover later?

  2. phaynes12

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    rest of my top 10:
    4. Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure
    5. Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie
    6. The Who - Quadrophenia
    7. Lou Reed - Berlin
    8. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    9. Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
    10. David Bowie - Aladdin Sane

    other honorable mentions and tough cuts:
    aerosmith - aerosmith
    alice cooper - muscle of love
    allman brothers band - brothers and sisters
    blue oyster cult - tyranny and mutation
    bruce springsteen - greetings from asbury park nj
    bruce springsteen - the wild the innocent and the e street shuffle
    can - future days
    eagles - desperado
    elton john - don’t shoot me im only the piano player
    elton john - goodbye yellow brick road
    faces - ooh la la
    free - heartbreaker
    george harrison - living in the material world
    gram parsons - GP
    grand funk - we’re an american band
    grateful dead - wake of the flood
    jackson browne - for everyman
    joe walsh - the smoker you drink, the player you get
    john fogerty - the blue ridge rangers
    john lennon - mind games
    john prine - sweet revenge
    johnny winter - still alive and well
    king crimson - larks’ tongues in aspic
    kris kristofferson and rita coolidge - full moon
    lynyrd skynyrd - pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd
    marvin gaye - let’s get it on
    new york dolls - new york dolls
    queen - queen
    rolling stones - goats head soup
    roxy music - stranded
    steely dan - countdown to ecstacy
    t rex - tanx
    thin lizzy - vagabonds of the western world
    traffic - shootout at the fantasy factory
    waylon jennings - honky tonk heroes
    wings - band on the run
    zz top - tres hombres

    stuff to check out:
    emitt rhodes - farewell to paradise
    funkadelic - cosmic slop
    genesis - selling england by the pound
    gladys knight - imagination
    herbie hancock - sextant
    jim croce - life and times
    Manfred mann’s earth band - messin’
    quincy jones - you got it bad girl
    roberta flack - killing me softly
    rory gallagher - blueprint
    sly and the family stone - fresh
    stevie wonder - innervisions
    todd rundgren - a wizard, a true star
    yes - tales from topographic oceans
  3. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    And we’ve at last arrived at a Bruce year!
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  4. George

    Trusted Prestigious

    1. Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
    2. Bruce Springsteen - The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle
    3. Marvin Gaye - Let's Get it On

    Innervisions is probably my favourite Stevie Wonder record. An ambitious and mature record, with a big socially conscious heart, including songs about systemic racism in "Living for the City", or taking shots at Nixon in "He's Misstra Know it all". Throughout it all, even while covering serious themes, Stevie never loses his knack for writing pop songs. A landmark record from an artist hitting his prime.

    Springsteens's record on the other hand is a sprawling, chaotic record that just feels like a beautiful accident where everything comes together. It feels loose and improvised at times, at least in comparison to something like Born to Run, and full of these wonderful almost casual Van Morrison esque soulful rock 'n' roll songs. A joyous record.

    Let's Get It On is Marvin Gaye's highly sexually charged follow up to What's Going On. Everyone knows the title track from needle drops in about 1001 sex scenes in films, but the whole album is a funky, soulful little masterpiece, that gets you hot under the collar just thinking about.

    Some honourable mentions.

    Bruce Springsteen - Greetings from Ashbury Park: The Boss' debut, and has a few awkward moments when he's trying (or was pushed to be) "The New Dylan", but when he cuts loose on tracks like "Blinded by the Light", it's absolutely up there with his best.

    The Stooges - Raw Power: Aptly titled and full of these scuzzy and rough garage rock perfection on tracks like "Search and Destroy". There's a 1997 remastered / remixed version of this record that I only recently heard, but I think it may be better, though the lo-fi roughness of the original has a great charm.

    Al Green - Call Me: Another great Al Green record, with his beautiful impassioned voice, and with some covers of Willie Nelson and Hank Williams. An incredibly strong collection of songs, and Al Green is always worth spending more time with.

    The Temptations - Masterpiece: Another aptly titled album. A psychedelic and funky album, with long instrumental breaks, and doesn't always sound like what you imagine The Temptations to sound like.

    Paul Simon - There Goes Rhymin' Simon: Another charming Paul Simon release, showing Simon's interest in all sorts of musical styles outside of his own folk-pop. He also can casually knock out little slices of pop perfection like in "Kodachrome".

    Tom Waits - Closing Time: Tom Waits' debut, and before he had that specific "Tom Waits" voice. It's a collection of late night blues and ballads that create a fantastic atmosphere.

    Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters: Hancocks' fantastic funky jazz fusion record, full of synths, and jazzy R'n'B sounds. A brilliant album that really straddles the line between jazz, funk and R'n'B. The first jazz record to sell over a million copies, apparently.
  5. phaynes12

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    the rest of the members of the band actually stated they hated what iggy did with the 90s mix and i think he actually said himself that the label pressured him into it. the original mix is abrasive, for sure, but it captures the energy of the songs better imo.
  6. irthesteve Jul 12, 2021
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    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    my favorites from 1973:

    1. Paul McCartney & Wings - Band On The Run
    2. Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy
    3. Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
    4. George Harrison - Living In The Material World
    5. Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    6. Billy Joel - Piano Man

    Albums I listened to for the first time and dug, need more listens of:

    Bruce Springsteen - Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ
    Bruce Springsteen - The Wild, The Innocents and the E Street Shuffle
    Elton John - Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player
    Al Green - Call Me
    Eagles - Desperado
    Funkadelic - Cosmic Slop
    Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On
    Beach Boys - Holland
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - (Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd)
    Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power
    Faces - Ooh La La
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  7. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    my 1973 mix:

  8. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    I honestly couldn't even get through the original mix, really felt horrible to me. I did enjoy the Iggy Mix though.
  9. williek311

    @wearthicksocks Prestigious

    Another year another good Sabbath record. Man that band is good or something.
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  10. phaynes12

    playing in the band Prestigious

    i think you’re onto something
  11. phaynes12

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  12. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    here, I'll give you the double whammy then...

    I really dislike Dark Side of the Moon, a lot. I've tried many, many times, but nope.... I don't get it
  13. phaynes12

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    i get it. floyd didn’t work for me for a long time. i also get the raw power mix thing - that was kinda my point of the post you quoted haha - i just prefer what they were going for with the original. if it was a slight against houses of the holy i’d be more mad online.
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  14. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    don't worry, I'm very on board with HOTH
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  15. cshadows2887 Jul 12, 2021
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    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    1. Bruce Springsteen - The Wild, The Innocent, and The E Street Shuffle
    2. Al Green - Call Me
    3. America - Homecoming

    Excruciating cuts:
    Billy Joel - Piano Man
    The Allman Brothers Band - Brothers and Sisters
    Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
    Spinners - Spinners
    Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    Terry Callier - What Color Is Love
    Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy

    Others I love:
    Bruce Springsteen - Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ
    Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On
    Fanny - Mother's Pride
    Sandy Denny - Like an Old Fashioned Waltz
    Paul McCartney and Wings - Band on the Run
    Aerosmith - Aerosmith
    Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
    George Harrison - Living in the Material World
    Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
    Elton John - Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player
    Jim Croce - Life and Times
    Lou Reed - Berlin
    Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    The Isley Brothers - 3+3
    Bill Withers - Live at Carnegie Hall
    Todd Rundgren - A Wizard, A True Star

    Good ones:
    Van Morrison - Hard Nose the Highway
    The Beach Boys - Holland
    James Brown - The Payback
    Faces - Ooh La La
    ZZ Top - Tres Hombres
    Jackson Browne - For Everyman
    Alice Cooper - Muscle of Love
    The Temptations - Masterpiece
    Sly and the Family Stone - Fresh
    The O'Jays - Ship Ahoy
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd
    Joe Cocker - Something to Say
    Neil Young - Time Fades Away
    The Who - Quadrophenia
    Paul Simon - There Goes Rhymin' Simon
    Roger McGuinn - Roger McGuinn
    Herbie Hancock - Headhunters
    Waylon Jennings - Honky Tonk Heroes
    David Bowie - Aladdin Sane
    Steely Dan - Countdown to Ecstasy
    Renaissance - Ashes Are Burning
    John Prine - Sweet Revenge
    Tom Waits - Closing Time
    Bob Seger - Back in '72
    Jim Croce - I Got a Name
    Gal Costa - India
    Raspberries - Side 3
    Gram Parsons - GP
    John Lennon - Mind Games
    Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show - Sloppy Seconds
    New York Dolls - New York Dolls
    Mott the Hoople - Mott
    The Wailers - Burnin'
    The Temptations - 1990
    Ringo - Ringo
    Bobby Womack - Facts of Life
    Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks
    The J. Geils Band - Bloodshot
    Roy Wood - Boulders
    Dr. John - In the Right Place
    Bob Marley and The Wailers - Catch a Fire
    Eagles - Desperado
    Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power
    The Rolling Stones - Goat's Head Soup
    Robin Trower - Twice Removed from Yesterday
    The Stylistics - Rockin' Roll Baby
    The Velvet Underground - Squeeze
    The Doobie Brothers - The Captain and Me
    Paul McCartney and Wings - Red Rose Speedway
    The Marshall Tucker Band - The Marshall Tucker Band
    Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie
    Linda Ronstadt - Don't Cry Now
    Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye - Diana and Marvin
    The J. Geils Band - Ladies Invited
    Donny Hathaway - Extension of a Man
    T. Rex - Tanx
    Eddie Kendricks - Boogie Down
    Gary Bartz and Ntu Troop - I've Known Rivers and Other Bodies
    George Jones - Nothing Ever Hurt Me (Half As Bad As Losing You)

    Not a fan:
    Charlie Rich - Behind Closed Doors

    Targets for listening:
    Bob Dylan - Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
    Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure
    Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly with His Song
    John Cale - Paris 1919
    Can - Future Days
    Faust - IV
    Genesis - Selling England by the Pound
    Hawkwind - Space Ritual
    King Crimson - Larks' Tonugues in Aspic
    John Martyn - Solid Air
    Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
    Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Next...
    Michael Viner and The Incredible Bongo Band - Bongo Rock
    Gregg Allman - Laid Back
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive - II
    David Bowie - Pin-Ups
    Brownsville Station - Yeah!
    Deep Purple - Who Do We Think We Are
    Rick Derringer - All-American Boy
    Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery

    David Essex - Rock On
    Golden Earring - Moontan
    Grand Funk - We're An American Band
    Queen - Queen
    Steve Miller Band - The Joker
    Styx - II
    Joe Walsh - The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get
    Bread - Guitar Man
    Stealer's Wheel - Fergusile Park
    Pescado Rabioso - Artaud
    Little Feat - Dixie Chicken
    Montrose - Montrose
    Waylon Jennings - Lonesome, On'ry and Mean
    Jerry Jeff Walker - Viva Terlingua
    Suzie Quatro - Suzie Quatro
    Jimmy Buffett - A White Sportcoat and a Pink Crustacean
    The Blue Ridge Rangers - The Blue Ridge Rangers
    Tower of Power - Tower of Power
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  16. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    Another decent-length list of stuff I haven't heard. Adding the Blue Ridge Rangers album to me targets list. Totally forgot about that.

    Fuck yeah to all of this but especially love the Call Me and Masterpiece shout-outs.
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  17. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    1. Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy
    2. Spinners - Spinners
    3. Marvin Gaye - Let’s Get It On
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  18. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    Sales pitches for sleepers:

    America - Homecoming
    People have a tendency to view them as a singles band, but this is, for my money, one of the best albums of the '70s. It really shows everything they can do and all 3 songwriters were at the peak (no pun intended) of their powers. "Cornwall Blank" is better than any of their hits.

    Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
    If you've mostly known Alice Cooper as a solo artist and interview personality or radio host, this album is going to absolutely kick your ass. Because at first Alice Cooper was a BAND, and a really good one. It's a very short list of hard rock albums that can touch this song-for-song or in terms of performance. Bob Ezrin made sure they got all the details right on this one in a way they didn't on their other albums. "Generation Landslide" is extremely my shit.

    Spinners - Spinners
    Made my case for this in '72 until I realized the year was wrong. Gorgeous, incredibly well-written and smoothly sung Philly Soul. For my money, the best album ever to come out of the genre.

    Terry Callier - What Color Is Love
    One of the most beautiful soul albums I've ever heard. His voice is so delicate and so emotionally weighty and the orchestral arrangements are just swirling and transporting. Never understood why he's not held in the elite tier of soul singers.

    Fanny - Mother's Pride
    Recommended Fanny Hill in 1972 because it's their signature sound and the general consensus pick, but this one is my favorite. Todd Rundgren brought a lot of off-kilter musical detail to the production and some of their inner weirdos emerged to color in the details. "Last Night I Had a Dream" is just so fucking good.

    Renaissance - Ashes Are Burning
    A bit of a deep cut, and kind of a forgotten prog band. They incorporated some medieval folk-ish influence into their prog, but they could stretch out as well as Yes, Tull, ELP, any of them. "Ashes Are Burning" has a serious case as the best single prog-rock centerpiece song ever.
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  19. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

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  20. phaynes12

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    nice, i’ll definitely check out the america album

    echoing the billion dollar babies praise. dudes rock.
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  21. williek311

    @wearthicksocks Prestigious

    You’re saying that Spinners album is the best soul album or the best soul album from Philly?
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  22. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    Best album in the Philly Soul subgenre.
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  23. Maverick Jul 12, 2021
    (Last edited: Jul 12, 2021)


    1. The Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd
    2. Aladdin Sane - David Bowie
    3. Houses Of The Holy - Led Zeppelin

    Band On The Run - Paul McCartney & Wings
    Raw Power - The Stooges
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
    Head Hunters - Herbie Hancock
    Living In The Material World - George Harrison
    Holland - The Beach Boys
    Pinups - David Bowie

    Great songs from other albums:
    Live And Let Die - Paul McCartney & Wings
    Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Crocodile Rock - Elton John
    That Lady - The Isley Brothers
    Dream On - Aerosmith
    Living For The City - Stevie Wonder
    Killing Me Softly With His Song - Roberta Flack
    Angie - The Rolling Stones
    Future Days - CAN
    Ring Ring - ABBA
    International Feel - Todd Rundgren
    I Shot The Sheriff - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    Mind Games - John Lennon
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  24. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    @Maverick some nice picks but Album - Artist hurts me to look at!!!!
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  25. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    OH forgot to mention a major reason for the rec of Renaissance:

    The lead singer, Annie Haslam, is a woman, which is a HUGE rarity in prog. And MAN does she hit some bananas soprano notes
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